How to Improve Your Website Speed Up To 9 Times Faster With Litespeed?

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With changing times you can see similar changes in technology, all these changes are made to minimize our efforts. Some of the changes have revolutionized the way we are using technology and implementation of such technologies becomes important to accommodate the increased number of users. One such change, which we will experience in coming years, is introduction of LiteSpeed based servers. The latest release of LiteSpeed was 4.0.20 released in February 2011. With introduction of recent version of LiteSpeed, which can be used for hosting personal or commercial website and has proven that is almost 6 times faster than the Apache Servers. If you use it effectively and make changes, accordingly you can get 9 times faster results for your web site speed no matter if you are using the shared web hosting platform also.

To start with, LiteSpeed has a built-in cache functionality, which is further improvised in the current 4.0 version. LiteSpeed is fully compatible with all the latest modules of Apache and all the hosting panels that work with Apache are equally compatible with LiteSpeed.

All the major web hosting control panels work in same accordance with LiteSpeed like cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin. So you don’t have to worry about the interface as you can use the same interface you were using in Apache.

LiteSpeed equally boosts the performance on Static and Dynamic pages and Where Apache needs third party interfaces for several features, LiteSpeed has several built in features as a static load balancer and anti-DDoS technology.

Litespeed will provide amazing Ruby on Rails performance along with 50% PHP speed increase. If you are reseller with many clients then you can see the difference in performance by PEARL daemon and the CGI daemon.

By integrating CloudLinux’s LVE technology in to LiteSpeed server its performance is further maximized within the available infrastructure where you need not have to bring in additional hardware.

Most of the applications rely on.htaccess, which is an Apache- compatible control panel, which is used to change the web server configuration without accessing the main configuration file. In LiteSpeed,.htaccess is simplified with control panel managed administration giving increased performance and enhanced security.

LiteSpeed also increases performance by rewrite engine, which is compatible with Apache Mod_rewrite that is widely used in web hosting industry along with LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache mod_security.

To boost the performance of PHP new and dedicated PHP LiteSpeed SAPI has been developed which further increases the performance of PHP which makes it the best PHP server API having best performance, Best security and Best advantages.

PHP opcode cache and other loader such as APC, eAccelerator, XCache, ioncube loader, Zend optimizer etc, boost the performance of PHP. Security of PHP is maintained by starting PHP in suEXEC mode, which is easy to secure the file system in sharing hosting environment, although Jail PHP process is possible in chroot system.

LiteSpeed PHP supports the changing PHP configuration through web server configuration and.htaccess file, which is similar to mod-php. PHP processes are dynamically rotated based on the load on sever where all the resources in server are used more efficiently. In a similar way, PHP4 and PHP5 are set on server and switching between them is simple directive in.htaccess.

Without going in to detail if you select HostGuts as your managed web hosting service provider then your site will automatically get 9 times faster speed as they are already integrated with CloudLinux, LiteSpeed and R1 Soft for providing latest technology and speedy uploading of your site irrelative of visitors location.

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