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In today’s era of the internet, web hosting has gained a principal place. Everything you see on the internet is served to you by some website, which is deployed on a hosting server. Thus it is important that you should have some basic knowledge about this field as it might come handy for you in future. Web hosting is all about storing the web pages on a server computer connected to internet. And when a user visits a website, the pages of that website are downloaded from the hosting server by the web browser and displayed to the user on his screen.

Web hosting is an important part for overall establishment of a website apart from the website development. A completely and attractively designed website is of no use until it is hosted on a server. Usually, the hosting of the website is done by technical professionals of a company who are known to all the whereabouts related to this field. There are several companies available on the internet that deals exclusively with this stuff only. Of course, they charge you for hosting your website. There are several plans available with them according to your requirement of web space, bandwidth, domain names and other extra facilities.

The job of web hosting is a totally exclusive business and is performed by a skill of proficient individuals with technical knowledge. These days a single web host can store enormous number of websites, thus allowing multiple users to share the same space, while virtualizing the environment in such a way that every website owner thinks that he is the sole user of the server. The web servers are actually a normal computer machine with very high performance and huge amount of storage capacity that is connected to internet 24×7. It will perform its functions all the time delivering the web pages to the users whenever they want them. For a shared web hosting server, security is a very important aspect. It should not be compromised otherwise the organization or individual having their website hosted on the server might suffer from huge loss.

There are several types of web hosting services available in the today’s marketplace. These services are as follows:

  • Shared hosting: a single server hosting several websites at a time.
  • Dedicated hosting: server dedicated to a single website.
  • Co-Location server: physically relocating the server to the premise of colocation service provider, such that the server utilizes its bandwidth.
  • Re-seller hosting: contracting a third party to sell the hosting space on the server.
  • Free hosting: provide hosting service with limited facilities for free.

Among all the above mentioned type of web hosting, the shared hosting and dedicated hosting are common ones. Shared hosting employs the sharing of resources (bandwidth and storage space) between several website, thus each one gets a limited mount. It is the most economical choice and is best for the individuals having small and medium business. While by the large organizations, dedicated hosting is preferred.

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