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Search engine optimisation plays a key role in the success of any online business. Millions of web users start their search with a search engine to find products or services they need. Hence, it is very much essential that your website ranks well in the search engine results so as to drive maximum traffic and to convert this traffic into sales. If you are a newbie in the field of online marketing, the first thing that you should learn is the search engine optimization.

Google and Yahoo mainly work by displaying results that are relevant to the keywords entered by visitors in the search box. Visitors always enter a search term that is relevant to the product or service that they are looking for. For example, if someone is looking for a mobile phone, the entered keywords may be – best mobile phone under $200 or where to find mobile phones for cheap. Keywords can differ from user to user. When you advertise on search engines, you should add some relevant keywords in your ad campaign. Moreover, your website should contain keyword rich content and the articles that you use for creating back links from other sources of traffics should also be include with relevant keywords. The keyword density also matters for the success of your website. Keyword density of around 1-2% is advisable.

Keywords are classified into three different groups depending on the amount of traffic that they receive. The first of these groups are highly competitive keywords. These keywords include, for instance, mobile phones, diapers etc. There is huge amount of traffic for this group of keywords but the conversion percentage is less because of the high competition. The second group of keywords is lengthier than the first group. Completion drops slightly for this group of keywords, resulting in better conversion rates. Targeted keywords are long tailed keywords and have the least amount of competition among them. The conversion rates for these keywords are the highest among all the three groups. Proper mixing of all these keyword types in the content is essential to drive high amount of traffic to your site.

There are several keyword research tools available from top search engines. You can use these tools for understanding the trend of keyword research by visitors through search engines. With these basics in your hand, you can compete with the online competition and develop a strong foundation for your business.

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