Social Media For Business (19) – 3 Proven Tactics to Establish Yourself As a Google-Trusted Brand

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Although not officially announced, Google will ban SERPS sooner or later. Think about it: the way search engine placements algorithms worked in the past have opened the doors for spam sites to get high ranks.

Well established brands (IBM, Apple, Nike…etc.) are guaranteed to never endorse any form of spam and that’s why; Google will figure out ways to give them the “recognition” they deserve, tossing away traditional SERPS and their spam. (Again, I personally haven’t read any official announcement in that regard but it’s a common sense assumption)

Now, you may ask me: What’s in it for me?

Well, if you follow the big players’ tracks and built a trustful brand reputation, Google will reward you generously. Here are 3 proven tactics to help you out.

Google-Trusted Brand Tactic 1: Get Brand Mentions and 3rd Party Endorsements

The more you receive positive reviews and endorsements form 3rd party sites, the more popular your brand image will be. With all the ‘social Googling’ steps that have been going on lately, I can safely say that your brand mentions on social sites will largely impact how Google assesses your brand trustworthiness.

Another form of effective brand mentions is distributing online press releases.

Did I mention that you must have an outstanding social media presence? I guess I didn’t as this advice became a so much exhausted “duh” lately!

Google-Trusted Brand Tactic 2: Use Your Brand Name Inside Your Links

Including your brand name in some of your external links anchor text will build Google’s awareness of your brand. While I am not suggesting that you ignore traditional keywords-based links, I guess you would agree with me that they gradually losing their effect on how Google would rank your site.

The rules of the game are changing so rapidly. I still remember the good old days when link exchanges dominated SEO. Now, they’re history!

You need to adapt to the new Google rules which are brand trust building.

Google-Trusted Brand Tactic 3: Become a Searched-for Brand

As your brand popularity increases, many people will be using your brand name in search engine queries and Google will definitely notice that.

This is another form of 3rd party acknowledgment as many people will be checking out your brand. There’s no direct action you can make to become a searched-for brand but if you applied the first 2 tactics intelligently, it will happen effortlessly. Good luck!

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