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What is the right way to comment on blogs? This is a question which I have been asked by many a novice in my regular webinars. There is actually no one answer to this question. Any method which works is the right method and there are many different methods which may work depending on the niche, the competition and the blogs commented upon. I will detail the method I use for commenting on Blogs.

Before I describe the process there are two things I want to tell you. One, it is impossible to do the task of blog commenting (Especially if you are doing this to build links) without some form of automation. So I use software called the Fast Blog Finder which searches for blogs based on keywords and give me a list of blogs to comment upon. This is not automated software in the sense that all comments have to be manually entered. If you are looking for a fully automated solution, then you should look at software like comment kahuna, but I am against automated solutions primarily because they are spam tools.

Secondly, keep a list of keywords ready. If you have not done your keyword research till mow, better do it before leaving comments. I will tell you why keywords are important in just a few lines from now.

So Once I have the keywords ready, I input one keyword at a time in Fast Blog Finder and it returns me a list of blogs where I can comment on. From this list I choose 10 blogs with high PR which are no follow, and 10 blogs which are do follow ( I deliberately choose no follow blogs also just to make the link building look natural).

From this selection I read through the post and add a relevant comment at the end. While leaving a comment I ensure that I use my keywords in the comment. If for example my site is about maternity clothes, I ensure to use this word in my comment.

Some blogs are having keyword luv or comment luv enabled. This makes my job easier as I only have to add my keyword along with my name. Following the above example, I will leave my name as Sriram @ maternity clothes. When my comment is published, the keyword maternity clothes will automatically be converted into a link for my web site. This is a great feature, and if present utilise it well.

I then repeat this process for all keywords relevant to my website and by doing this process consistently I have been able to get a huge number of back links to my website, thus bringing me loads of visitors. By following this process diligently you can also get many targeted visitors to your website.

Blog Commenting is a very easy way to build links provided one follows certain basic norms. But blog commenting can be quite tedious unless some form of automation is used. Fast Blog Finder is one such semi automatic tool which is simple, effective and efficient. It your reduces work, while at the same time providing rich dividends in the form of higher search engine rankings and more visitors to your site. It also provides a trial version. Click this link to download the trial version of Fast Blog Finder or click this link to compare other Blog Comment Software.

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