Three Link Building Strategies Which Do Not Work

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As a webmaster, one cannot underestimate the value of link building. In fact link building is one of the main factors which will determine the search engine rankings of your website and in turn traffic. Therefore it is important to do this the right way or else you could get penalised for it. Although many people will advocate many methods of link building, some methods simply do not work anymore. In this article I will describe three link building methods that do not work.

Linking From Your Own Websites

Most of us run many websites; some like me have hundreds of websites. Linking between themselves is one of the most stupid ways to build links. This is because of two reasons. One, all your websites are usually hosted on a single account, and hence will have the same IP address. This is bound to set the alarm bells ringing in Google and other search engines and they are bound to devalue your links or worse ban your IP. Secondly, when you build too many links overnight, it raises the suspicion of search engines.

Submitting To Article Directories

Submitting to article directories used to be a good way to build links, but it no longer works. In fact I spent $80 to buy software which will submit to article directories and I realised the futility of submitting to article directories. This method does not work because search engines simply do not count links from these directories. However this does not mean that article submissions do not work. They work, but the only article directories which are worth submitting are Ezines, Amazines, and Buzzle. And ensure to submit original article to each one of these as they will count as valuable links. Submitting to other directories is a waste of time and effort.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking used to be a very effective way to build high quality links, but due to rampant spamming, most of the top social bookmarking sites have instituted the No Follow tag, which has robbed the sheen out of these methods. As I know some of the top social bookmarking sites like dig and delicious have the No Follow tag enabled and hence links from these sites are practically useless.

However social bookmarking serves one useful function. It can get your pages get indexed fast. I once did one experiment, where I created a test page and submitted it to the top bookmarking sites. I found that my test page was index by Google within 30 seconds of submitting to Digg. Therefore social bookmarking could be very effective in getting your pages indexed fast.

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