Top 5 Tips on How to Use YouTube to Drive Customers

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The great thing about using YouTube to drive traffic to your site is that once your video goes viral, very little work is involved; customers just troop to your website in droves. The following five tips will prove invaluable to helping you drive customers to your site using video.

1. Have more emphasis on How-to videos

The cat was let out of the bag on this one a long time ago. Instructional videos with a how-to theme are very popular on the Internet. Millions of people are constantly searching for information on how to accomplish a task or learn about a certain topic. Most people prefer to learn by watching a video as opposed to reading articles; they therefore turn to YouTube to get their answers. It is really quite easy to create instructional videos. All you need to do is to take the content that already exists on your website and turn it into a how-to video. Keep the video short, preferably less than 5 minutes, promote it and you could soon have plenty of views from customers.

2. Include a link in every video you post

At the bottom of each YouTube video, there is a description area where you place your link back to your website. Thus, people can visit your website for more information after watching the video.

3. Brand each video you create

The ability to embed videos is one of the main reasons why YouTube has become so successful. It is quite unfortunate that the link you create in each video doesn’t get embedded. Thus, people can show your video on their site and not have to link back to your site. The way to surmount this challenge is to brand your videos with your URL and logo. Doing this allows people to type your URL directly into the browser bar after watching the video. Alternatively, they could search your company/brand name online and find your website in that manner.

4. Viral hits are the most successful

Viral hits spread at light speed on the web. The moment a captivating video is posted on YouTube, it quickly spreads around the world. Within a few hours millions of people would have watched the video. You need to think creatively and come up with funny or captivating videos that people want to share with their friends immediately. If you can replicate this feat on a consistent basis, you would enjoy phenomenal success driving customers to your site.

5. Video sells
As mentioned in the first point, most people would rather watch a video than read an article. When reading articles they tend to skim over the content looking for keywords to the information they are seeking. The passive nature of video draws in more people. People actually consider it more of entertainment than sales content. Thus, video sells much better.

There is no question that YouTube is a major factor in driving customers to your website. Video is thought to be the future of the web and you should capitalize on this fact.

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