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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to improve your website ranking. Over the years it has been proven that SEO is an effective strategy to improve website rankings. However, it is a very difficult strategy and needs lot of time and effort. You should do a lot of things during optimization. If you do proper SEO you will definitely improve your website ranking.

Below are some suggestions to help you perform proper SEO and eventually improve your website ranking:

Use Keywords and Phrases.

It is an essential part of SEO to use keywords and phrases. To optimize your site, this is the primary way. In order to help other internet users to view your site by entering your keywords and phrases on search engine, you need to put keywords and phrases in your title tags, Meta tags, and body text.

There is a potential for your website gain a high amount of traffic, if your site has different keywords and phrases. But the choice of keywords should be very effective; it should be words which are searched frequently by the internet users. Also, select the keywords that have fewer competitors to make it possible for you to rank on the top of the search engine results.

Moreover, you can name your domain with reference to your business. For example, if you are planning to sell bricks from your website, then you can name your site domain ‘’ or ‘the’ That is, you can name anything which has the word ‘brick’ in the domain which will help the search engine index to rank your site higher.

If you design your own HTML page for your site then you probably know that, in order to describe your business, product or service you need keyword rich text. When you use the keyword ‘brick’ you will help the search engine categorize your site and its relevance whenever somebody types ‘bricks’ online.

The mention of the word ‘brick’ in your domain name and home page content will raise your rank in the search queries. In order to get a good rank on the search engine it takes time, however, a proper foundation will help to speed up the process.

However, if your website is based on template based software then you cannot do much to improve it. Make sure that all your site pages have a link back to the home page. The bottom of each page is a good place to put the links which will say ‘home’ so that when it is clicked, the user is taken back to the home page.

Add Links to Your Content.

To help them find the content of your page the search engine will locate the words you use in your links. To promote your keywords, adding links on your web pages is a great way. You can link one web page to the other or vice versa.

To know your page rank, external links or links from other websites are used. In order to improve your page rank try to exchange links with other websites or directories.

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