Upgrading From Linux Hosting To VPS Hosting And a Dedicated Server

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Linux hosting has long been a favorite in the web community for its affordability and versatility. As an open source way of hosting, updates and configurations are always being made at no extra cost to the site owner that enhance function and value. However, when one gets to a certain point, it is important to think about opening up horizons. While there are a number of viable options out there for those ready to make the jump from Linux, virtual private servers or dedicated servers are the two best for the growth minded entity.

For starters, a virtual private server (or VPS) offers many of the same great advantages as a dedicated server. While it is still considerably more expensive than Linux, it does offer a price reduction from a standard dedicated server. Using the latest in technology to “fool” your site into “thinking” it is on a dedicated server, you can actually split the costs of the VPS with other sites within frequency. Furthermore, a VPS sacrifices very little of what a dedicated server is capable of doing thanks to its self masking abilities.

Still, for complete and total control, most growing corporations prefer to own their own dedicated server because they do not have to share anything with another company or website. They have more control over security precautions and the available power that is used to keep things moving along at a proper pace. While some may view the freedom that comes with a dedicated server as intimidating, larger companies find it less inhibiting to their online growth potential.

Linux serves its purpose quite well for those willing to grow at a slower pace. It offers flexibility and functionality at a value that is hard to beat. However, it ultimately gives one less control over site management, and when a business grows to a certain size it cannot afford to be handcuffed by parameters. It must be willing to spread its proverbial wings and grow of its own volition.

Before you decide which plan is best for your business or website, it is important to first take inventory of your resources and measure them against your plan of growth. It is not necessary to beef up your expenses if you plan to maintain a slow and steady growth pattern. However, if you have more aggressive plans, then Linux will not get you there. Chances are you are going to need a VPS at minimum or a dedicated server (preferred) to realize your goals.

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