Video Marketing: Is It Right for You?

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Video has become one the foremost marketing tools on the Internet, especially within the last few years. has now surpassed all other sites, with the exception of Google, to become the second most visited site in the world! Does this mean anything to you the hardworking MLM owner? You bet it does.

Having been involved with online marketing for some time now, I can categorically declare that all the really successful online marketers use video. My research cannot find one top MLM leader who does not use video as one of his marketing tools. That’s not to say that there are individuals who primarily only want to read text while online, and therefore this market should not be ignored. However, the insightful marketer uses articles to promote and to bolster his or her videos. One great element of video marketing is that it adds to the power of your relationship with your list, or to the site visitor. There definitely is an additional bonding that can happen when your target audience sees you and hears your voice.


You must try and offer a mixture of rich and insightful material so that your audience always gains and never is bored. If you are stuck on something you want to write about and think you cannot find new material to write or create, just think clearly about what your audience is looking for and needs, and also chatter to them. You may also look at the leaders in your industry, and take your queue from them. How they say it and how you say it on camera will always come across differently. So when getting started, do not worry so much about how the message looks, but focus on just delivering the message. Think of the Nike slogan of “Just Do It!”

Remember there is something totally unique about the dynamics when people can listen and see you. Physiologists and other experts tell us that people make a subconscious decision about us within one tenth of a second when they first see us or watch a video we’ve created for them about our business. It happens somewhere in the back of our brains this quick almost-instant process of discernment and appraisal. And in most cases we are not even aware of it happening. How you present yourself and your business in your video is your presentation. It is the conduit where you will be cementing the bond of relationship to the customer base you have worked so hard to acquire.


It is now understood that the average online viewer does not do a lot of actual reading within a certain sales or marketing page. We all know that online readers, typically speaking, tend to skim headlines and banners instead of reading a lot of content. If the headline does not have a curious or catch-phrase grabber then chances are the marketing message will go unread. And unnoticed. In some ways video really serves to fill a void with people who for one reason or another will not take the time to read. For reading requires critical thinking and active engagement. Which means work!

People in today’s fast-paced world are much more probable to watch a video than they are to read a long sales letter. The YouTube success phenomenon is showing this. It is challenging to speak in generalities because of all the different circumstances involved and how the way different people from many different backgrounds are affected by the messaged being delivered. On the other hand, you should come to realize that you can have a better time commanding interest and getting attention and acquiring new customers, clients, and/or leads with a fantastic video than with a long, laborious sales letter.


Naturally, there are limitations with employing and using video, and there are certainty dynamic things one can do with other media. There is some negative feedback about the automatic play video that is sometimes used. We can point to some websites which have copy on them (which most of them do) and a totally irritating situation occurs when one is trying to read the copy and suddenly a video commences to play all by itself.


This sort of thing actually falls into the category of having good manners. Do you like it when this happens to you? If the answer is no, then consider the importance of good manners when setting up your marketing message and having a website for people to visit and experience. In addition, try and get your message delivered as quickly as possible. Long sales videos can annoy people just like laborious sales letters. Try and keep from talking about yourself too much in your video. Your advertisement should be about the product or service, and about the features and benefits your product or service has to offer.

A brief but concise and compelling message is what you want to convey whenever possible. It is one that promises to deliver a high value to people. Always keep in mind that potential customers are on your site and reading your content and watching your video to see you speak about multi level marketing and to learn what’s in it for them. Never stop delivering value for them. And never forgot to keep it interesting and entertaining. Butch Robichaud is the owner of MLM NO SPIN ZONE LLC and offers coaching and leadership in network marketing for older MLM owners for profitability and success.

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