Why Is Domain Name Registration Vital to the Credibility of Your Business?

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One of simplest and most inexpensive ways for you as a small business owner, to create a professional and credible image within your chosen market is to own your own professional top level domain name.

Owning your own domain name is now accepted practice in business and whilst it does not guarantee success, not owning one is guaranteed to hurt your image when you communicate with potential customers.

What exactly do I mean by this? Well each time you communicate with a potential customer, they are judging you and your business based on the level of professionalism that you convey, through your marketing and advertising.

How professional you are, in reality is irrelevant, if you do not convey the right image from the word go, and a significant factor in conveying the right image, will be whether you own a domain name which reflects your name or the name of your business. Even if you don’t yet own your own web site, it is vital to safeguard your own piece of “internet real estate” for the future and that you use a professional email address in your marketing and advertising campaigns right now.

Which sounds more professional?

yourname1234 @ aol.com or yourname @ yourbusinessname.com

The latter of the two presents a more professional image because it reflects your company name and is independent of a third party provider such as sol, Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

Another common mistake that I see being made by business owners on a daily basis is using an email address provided by their internet service provider e.g. yourname @ btinternet.com. Not only does this not create a professional image for your business, but if you wish to change your ISP in the future, you will need to change your email address.

By registering your own domain, not only do you sound more professional, but you also “future proof” your business, in that you will never need to change your email address again, removing the need for costly changes to your business stationary.

The bottom line, is that professional domain name registration, will significantly improve the professional image of your business, and safeguard your little piece of internet real estate for the future, all for the cost of less than £10.00 per year, so what are you waiting for?

If you would like some help registering a domain name which is ideally suited to your individual business please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.


Grahame Brown

Grahame Brown has over 13 years experience of providing business telephone services to small businesses throughout the UK. He offers a completely personal service,albeit face to face or over the telephone and provides solutions based on the individual requirements of your business.

For further information please visit http://yourtelecomsexpert.net

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