Why Would My Company Need A Corporate Video?

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There are many different types of corporate video that your business could use, whether you want to introduce a new member of staff to your customers, or you want to use it as a training video internal use. Here is a list of the different types of corporate video, and why they could be useful for your business.

Company video
The most popular type of corporate video is a company video which is often displayed on your website home page, and perhaps social networking profiles. This video would be used to demonstrate an overall impression of your company and what you do. The idea is to engage with potential and existing customers, and make them interested in your business. Another useful reason for a company video is there has been a recent change of face high up within your organisation, for example, you could use the corporate video to introduce a new CEO to staff and customers alike.

Training video
This type of video is often useful for general mandatory study days such as fire, health & safety, or even for more complex and particular how-to videos. Whatever information you need to pass over to staff, you can express it through a training video.

Marketing video
This would be a website video to either work alongside a TV commercial, or as an independent marketing video. These are often to launch a new product or service, but can just as easily be to advertise the whole company. Whatever you want to show to potential customers, you can include into this video. It is recommended that these videos are broadcast on video sharing sites such as YouTube, social networking such as Facebook, and on your own website.

PR video
Similar to a marketing video, but a PR video would be directed towards local news and radio stations in order to get them talking about your company. This video would be quite short but could include shots of the workplace and the company director, or something similar.

As an actor it is highly likely that you will require a showreel DVD of all your ‘best bits’ as this is what is sent to directors. If you want to create a professional image, ensure that you work with a professional corporate video producer and bag that leading role!

Whatever type of business you have, a corporate video could always complement your products or services, be of use to the people working for you, and most importantly engage with new, existing and potential customers on your website. Corporate videos are often available from professional producers at varying lengths and at very reasonable prices. If you are looking to create a website video or something similar, ensure that you are portraying the right image by working with an experienced film producer.

Facevideo are able to provide high quality, competitively priced company videos for small and medium sized businesses.

Jemma Porter is a freelance SEO copywriter based in Largs, Scotland but providing services throughout the UK.

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