Why More Businesses Are Choosing Colocation Hosting

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Colocation hosting is one web hosting solution that more enterprise are now choosing as an effective and secure way to host their servers and related equipment. Colocation data centers are an ideal choice for a business to grow their IT infrastructure, with this, a business will put their server machine in the colocation host’s rack at their data center and share bandwidth as their own.

How Colocation Hosting Works

With colocation hosting, you will not rent or lease the server, but actually own the server. You will take the server machine to the data center facility or ship it. It will then be installed in its own rack at the data center. You can also rent a server machine from the colocation provider. Once everything is set-up and the server is in operation, you will access it much like accessing a website.

In the data center facility, you will pay for the physical space where your server will be housed. The host company will maintain the server in the facility. For instance, the host will manage and monitor internet connectivity to ensure high availability and reliability. As well, your server will receive the best protection in the facility. There is a highly trained staff that is there to ensure the physical security of the server. There is also effective protection features such as fire suppression and flood protection controls. There is also climate control features to protect against humidity, moisture, and excessive heat. As well, The data center provides uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs).

Advantageous Features of Colocation Hosting

With colocation hosting, you will be able to select what hardware and software will be configured on your server. The host provides multi-tenant data centers that allows for effective back up and disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery and risk mitigation are essential benefits of colocation hosting. As well, the host’s IT team looks after the server to achieve 100% up-time 24/7/365. When you choose colocation, you will be provided with enough bandwidth and power to properly run your server.

Scalability is another essential feature of hosting. You will have on-demand access to resources that are vital to your enterprise. You will not have to worry about a sudden traffic spike taking the server off line as you can seamlessly scale up or down as traffic requirements demand.

With this, you can configure the server according to your enterprise needs. For businesses who require larger space to host multiple servers, they can choose Full Cabinet Colocation, for others, they can choose the Single Server Colocation.

Although colocation hosting is more expensive than other managed hosting solutions, it is an ideal solution for enterprise in need of a reliable, safe, and secure hosting solution. As well, it frees businesses from having to deal with the time consuming daily tasks of managing and monitoring the server. More businesses are now benefiting from choosing colocation. Colocation hosting is one web hosting option that is worth considering when looking to upgrade web hosting services.

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