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Search engine optimization is absolutely essential for your business’ online marketing strategy. Consequently, it’s equally essential to keep up with the latest changes in the search engine landscape so that your business can keep up. Some of the most recent search engine changes involve social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Google and Bing, two of the top three search sites, have both confirmed that they are using Twitter and Facebook as factors in ranking websites. This means that every time a link gets shared on Twitter or Facebook it gets counted for the search engine ranking.

Bing went as far to say that the amount of followers/friends that a person has, coupled with the amount of times that link is shared comes together to form an even better search ranking.

Obviously knowing this is good news for businesses looking to improve their search rankings because more links are shared and archived on Facebook and Twitter than pretty much anywhere else (aside from a search engine). Though we don’t know the algorithms of search engines for social media, we can hypothesize based off of experience with search engines in other areas. When using Facebook and Twitter to improve your search rankings there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Quality over Quantity: Everyone wants to be better-optimized for the search sites. Seeing that Facebook and Twitter can do that, some people may think they should post their links everyday. Though this would help, the more effective way is for it to be shared horizontally across friends than for it to be shared vertically through the company. The more individuals who share, the more noticeable it is for the search engines (at least that’s the assumption). Also (considering Bing alluded to it) the type of people sharing your links have influence on your SEO as well. That’s why companies are now paying to have actors and actresses to endorse their products via social media – not only is your SEO affected but your sales and site hits as well.
  • Interactive Response: Just like individuals posting your links grow your website’s optimization for the search engines, the deeper part of that should help it as well. We are talking click-thrus, Re-Tweets, and possibly even likes on Facebook. The concept of interactive response would also consider that search engines might be looking to remove company bias. In short, it’s possible that a link of a company’s site shared by an individual would rank higher than that same link shared by the company itself. Interactive response is completely dependent on the content published and the response of followers. Companies should make sure that they are posting items relevant to their company as well as to their audience. This is the easy, obvious, way to gain an interactive response.
  • Timing: Posts that go viral are awesome. However, search sites have implemented measures to cut down on short-term fads versus long-term trends. So having a post that is really popular for a week or two is great, but eventually a post on the same subject, garnering ten to twenty hits a week is going to outpace something that went viral one time. So recycling quality content is a great idea to maintain that consistent weekly traffic.

Everything on the internet is connected in some way. In writing on this topic, it was actually quite difficult to try and write out three individual points on this subject because they do all tie in together. This is why the internet is oftentimes called the World Wide Web! It’s built like a web with strands connecting everything together. Search Engine Optimization is where the web comes together.

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