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Here is a list of 3 mistakes newbies do in purchasing a domain name and 3 tricks successful webmasters adopts in doing the same thing.

3 mistakes newbies commit:

  • Purchasing done in a haste manner
  • Not giving importance to extension
  • Domain name having no connection with their brand or website theme

Purchasing done in a haste: Newbies tend to do the purchase in a haste without thinking much about it. Most of them select a random website address along with hosting package.

Not giving importance to extension: Newbies doesn’t consider much about the suitable extension for their website address. The extensions such as. com,. biz and. net have different meanings.

Most people would only look for. com extensions. But there are extensions other than. com ones. The nature of the site determines the associated extension also. Using only. com extension is not a good idea.

No connection to brand name or theme. (It’s a big mistake)Some times the domain name taken by newbies will have no relation to their website brand name or theme. Newbies sometimes give their own name as the domain name for their brand new web site. They fail to understand the benefits of having website theme in domain name.

3 tricks successful webmasters do in selecting website address:

  • Choose short domain name
  • Suitable extension
  • Name closely matches the theme of their website

Choose short address for their site: Successful webmasters will always choose an address with few letters or words. This helps in making the name easy to remember for users. They would not use any hyphens or use not more than one in their name. The address should be short, easy to remember and easy to read too.

Suitable extension: A well suited extension would be given to the address of their site:

  • . com for commercial sites
  • . edu for educational sites
  • . info stands for information
  • . net for networking sites
  • . org stands for non profit organizations
  • and. biz for business sites

Name closely matches the brand name of their web site or the theme of their website. :Successful webmasters always follow this strategy,. They would choose a name that is closely related to their website theme or brand name.

eg: For a website on dog training tips they would name the web site as “”

Hope you found this article on 3 mistakes and 3 tricks related to choosing new domain name useful. Thank you for reading.

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