Banner Ads Are a Profitable Venture

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Online marketing is inescapable on the internet. Every site you visit has one advert or two displayed. And why not? Digital marketing is the cheapest and most useful tool of assuring a business receives customers and visibility on the internet.

You can make money featuring banner ads but first you must have a certain number of visitors. One way of achieving a high visitor count is by ensuring your web content is search engine optimized (SEO). An effective SEO raises the placement of the site on the search engine results page, allowing visitors to find it easily and view the banner ads.

Banner advertisements are of different shapes, sizes and colors; they have been carefully designed with the intention to attract potential customers. The different types of banner ads are pop-ups, pop under windows and text ads. The text ads are key-word related and only show up when someone types the requisite keyword into the search engine. These ads function on Pay Per Click (PPC) which means that the advertiser has to pay the host website whenever someone clicks on the link. The paid for text links are sometimes highlighted as “sponsored links” and are placed in strategic places on the web page. Advertisers have to bid or pay heavily for these kind of positions, but they say it is worth for the traffic it brings. As you can see, exhibiting banner ads on your website is very profitable.

If you decided to enter banner advertising, the following are a few tips to help you get started: 

  • Banners typically works well if they are displayed on a website with similar and relevant content to the service or product being advertised. The subject of your content should be the deciding factor in choosing the banner advertiser. It is good to create a business plan wherein you state the focus of your website, its objective and the industry your website is about.
  • Determine the best position for the banner advert. You don’t want to clutter your website or place too many ads in one section. Banner ads generally get more clicks if they are placed in the area the visitor perceives first without scrolling, called the fold. Other spots include within the header, left side, right side and between content paragraphs.
  • It is not advisable to exhibit multiple banners on your site. It will overwhelm the viewer and detract from the actual content. Visitors will be turned off by the excessive advertisements and so leave without clicking on any one.
  • Another factor is the page loading. Visitors are especially annoyed if the page takes a long time loading because of the number of advertisements that have to be loaded onto the page. Therefore, if you decide to have many advertisements on your landing page, then select static banners. Visitors will not wait for advertisements to load; they will simply read the content and leave.

As a resourceful web owner, the successful utilization of banners lies in your hands.

Article by Tony Stark from Netpeak internet marketing agency. Netpeak specializes on SEO and AdWords advertising.

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