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There are literally hundreds of millions of ad impressions delivered every minute. As consumers spend increasing amounts of time online, ads for brick and mortar businesses are starting to crowd out much of the “Win a Free laptop” spam.

Before beginning an online banner placement campaign, you must clearly define the objectives you’d like to achieve. Ensuring your ad copy and landing page combinations reach the target demographic is the first step. Effectively moving those targeted users through the conversion funnel separates good campaigns from great ones.

Reaching Niche Demographics with Online Banner Ad Placement

The demographic targeting options which are available to today’s online advertising professional are stunning. Platforms like Google Adwords, Yahoo Display, Right Media, and others give you access to over 90% of web users. Through various measures, advertisers can use information about general physical location, browsing history, age, gender, and other targeting options to make sure scarce advertising resources are used only to reach the most likely buyers.

Specific site targeting is one way to ensure you’re reaching a specific demographic. By making sure your ads are only displayed on websites which are relevant to your offer, you can avoid wasteful ad spending. If you’re not sure how to start choosing websites you’d like to advertise on, Google it. Try to think about what type of information people might want that’s associated with your products and services. When you search like a potential customer, note which websites appear on the first page. Websites which are receiving relevant search traffic are always prime candidates for banner ad placement.

Moving Banner Ad Traffic Through The Conversion Funnel

How do you define a conversion. Some advertisers want people to sign up for an e-newsletter. Others, like e-commerce merchants, want the user to find something they want and buy with a credit card. Whether your sales process occurs online, offline, or a combination, display ad placement can help you achieve your business goals. No matter how the sale is completed, come with a compelling offer. Remember your ad will be competing for attention with the host website content, other advertisers on the page, and many other distractions.

Banner advertising often finds much of it’s effectiveness in the strength of the offer itself. Whether it is free shipping, buy one get one free, or special discounts which expire soon, or something more unique, if you’re going to spend money reaching out to new customers, give them a good reason to take action now. If your approach is more to build product or brand awareness, it is still important to retain contact with the customer. Facebook “Likes” are a great way to retain your search traffic, compounding the benefits of social display banner advertising. The more traditional approach of email marketing is still effective.

Banner Placement for Small Business

As Yellow page directories and local print media loses market share, small business owners are migrating advertising dollars online. Banner ad placement can seem overwhelming at first it can be a great way to promote local businesses, even on a limited budget. Businesses which capitalize on new media to earn above average return on investment will have a significant competitive advantage.

Benjamin Briggs is a online display advertising and social media marketing professional with Global Market Exposure, providing online marketing services to hundreds of clients worldwide. More information about Banner Placement and Online Display Advertising

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