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A domain name is the address where a website is located, for example is a domain and there you will find a search engine, these names are not expensive, you can get one for less than nine dollars or even far less for some extension. There are different extensions you can buy, some of them are the .com, .net, .biz, .info, .in and many others; the .com extension is a general name, why the .biz extension is used for a business website, also the others have their own special use. They can also be sold later for good money after working on them.

Domain flipping is where you build a website with a name address or just increase its value and later sell it for a higher amount, for example you can buy one domain, pay for a hosting account and install a WordPress software on it, change the default theme to a better one, then pick a niche with less competition, remember that the niche you picked must be related to the name, then create about 5 post or pages, look for ways to drive traffic to it, you can use social websites and forums, all you need is for it to appear on the first page on Google search engine for your competitors keyword. Then use your competitor’s website to trace their email address, send them a message that you want to sell your website, tell them its position on search engines for your selected keywords, if you can send this to ten different website owners, you will sell that domain name almost immediately, especially if the domain name is keyword rich.

Also you can buy several keyword rich domain names, park them and drive traffic to them, you can create blogs and post small articles with your URL on the blogs, this way your visitors will most likely visit your parked domain and you will earn for every click on your adverts. If you can buy up to a hundred domain names in 10 different niches and then build ten WordPress blogs with multiple pages and link them all to your domain addresses, you will get free traffic, also promote your blogs in forums and with article marketing, after some time you can sell them all. Also note that parked sites do not allow many traffic methods like article marketing, forum traffic and some other methods.

Make sure that before you do the above businesses that you get a good keyword rich domain name, the name should be short and memorable, you can join two or three keywords with dash or with verbs, for example you can register, this is the best way to buy domain names, you can also register domain names that relates to an upcoming big event, like the world cup. Also note that most article directories won’t allow you to add a parked domain to your resource box, so you must put the domain links in your blogs or website and then promote them from there.

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