5 Tips to Survive From Google Panda Update

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Till now, we were familiar only with the catchphrase ‘content is king’ but now the word content has been replaced by ‘quality-content’. Google has become more intelligent now. It has started giving weight to good content only now, which leaves no space for poor quality contents. This recent upgrade in Google is known as Google panda upgrade that was implemented on 24th February 2011. This upgrading in Google’s recognition ability has slapped many websites and brought their ranking down in search engine result pages on Google. If you are also being skeptic about position of your website, read on the tips, that are mentioned below. It may be your savior in the age when Google panda is giving entry only to the unique and quality content.

  1. First and foremost tip to be a proud survival – follow only what Google is suggesting. If you think, your site is also affected with recent upgrade, you immediately need to evaluate contents on your website and go for the best option to improve every page on your website. You can also try removing pages with low quality contents or replace them freshly written contents.
  2. If you are running a site with duplicate content, your site is never going to stand tall in front of hefty Google after panda update. You should immediately remove duplicate contents from your website as now ‘uniqueness’ has become more prominent word on Google especially.
  3. You should be using ‘rel=canonical’ tags to your website pages to avoid duplicate content issues.
  4. If Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are the ways out for you to earn money, be cautious. Too much advertisements on your website pages may lead you to lose ranking for your website on Google. Now, the ranking in Goggle’s search engine result page also depends on the ratio of content and advertisement.
  5. You must keep your website updating on a regular interval with fresh and quality content. If you cannot refresh every website page then you can have a smart shortcut by adding a blog section to your website. You can update a unique and nicely written blog in this section everyday. It’ll help you not only in getting good search engine ranking but also getting quality visitors to your website. You must keep in notice that fresh and unique content gets the best online visitor count. But before you add blog section in your website, make sure you are using proper navigation and categories for newly hosted blog. It will help you get better ranking on Google and other search engines.

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