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In the cutthroat world of web-based sales, advertising is key in attracting and ensuring clientele. Using video for market and advertising puts businesses at the forefront of effective web-based advertising. Video based advertising can come in the form of actual videos on the web page, or simply a voice over to speak directly to the consumer. Videos are appealing because they provide a humanistic touch to, an otherwise, technological market.

Using video for advertising puts consumers in a face-to-face setting with the video talent. The video is speaking directly to the consumer, creating a real connection that cannot be generated through other forms of media. Because business videos are much more personal, they also provide a real influence felt by the consumer.

To completely utilize the benefits and gains of video advertising, a company must first select the video talent that best fits the company, the product and the consumer audience.

When choosing video talent, a business is essentially choosing a spokesperson. This spokesperson is who will greet the consumer, providing them with a unique face-to-face experience. When dealing with this level of consumer intimacy, it is important to choose video talent that represents the company. To the consumer, the spokesperson is a physical representation of the company. He or she must convey success, class and professionalism.

It is important to choose a spokesperson that completely understands the information conveyed. An unsure spokesperson will lead to an unsure consumer, resulting in lost profits. The spokesperson must appear very similar and professional, not as an actor simply reading from a script. The consumer needs to actually believe the spokesperson is part of the company represented and has a clear need for the product, or company represented.

A business must choose video talent that not only represents the company, but also the audience. Businesses must choose a spokesperson that is going to appear likable to the audience. The video talent must be able to form a real connection with the audience. The best way to create a connection is to choose video talent that appeals to the audience. Consumers are much more likely to purchase a product recommended by a person, who they feel relates to them.

Choosing a spokesperson that is relatable and very similar will attract consumers, in turn, attracting further income. With the right video talent, any business can stand out against competitors and attract consumers with a personable, face-to-face intimacy.

Roger Stix is the owner & producer at Atlanta Business Video. Atlanta Business Video is a new kind of Web 2.0 video production studio designed to be able to create professional quality Atlanta video productions at prices that are affordable to even small businesses by using their green screen studio. They offer a variety of services to meet your professional video needs.

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