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Ask any successful online marketer and you are likely to hear the same thing. If they could choose one tool, and one tool only, Google AdWords Keyword Tool would be the choice. This tool has launched many successful campaigns and is responsible for the creation of many online millionaires. This tool is the basis for many niche findings and SEO rankings. The Keywords Tool is also popular for the research of domain names, which is also popular with SEO.

Google AdWords is very popular in the internet marketing world for targeted keyword research. This is often used in conjunction with paid advertising (PPC).

Keywords or phrases are input into search engines and valuable information is discovered. The information is returned from quality relevant sites. Successful internet marketing campaigns are typically started by researching with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

When using a PPC, or pay per click campaign, the search tool is a necessity. You can bid on phrases or keywords that a consumer would likely use when looking for a specific product. These purchased ads will appear to the upper right of the search engine results page. As the person clicks on the ad, they are sent to your landing page. Each time a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay Google.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also quite valuable when doing split testing. This can be done with different keywords tied to different landing pages. The conversion rate of each landing page will give you the information you need to direct your resources for the most profit.

Choosing Google AdWords is not without risk. Traffic and conversion rates will determine if your money is well spent. Without proper incorporation of the Keyword Tool into your AdWords campaign, you may learn a very expensive lesson.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is free and definitely helpful. There are similar tools that are both free and paid. Some paid tools are Market Samurai, Spyful, and Seomoz.

The foundation of a successful internet marketing campaign will include a keywords tool. If you have ever had a website that is great looking and informative, but fails to see any traffic, chances are you neglected proper keyword research. Often times, you are able to change the popularity of a website by performing keyword research and “tweaking” the existing site. This simple and easy task is beneficial and necessary for success.

Whether you are starting to build your first website, or you have built a thousand websites, do not forget to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool!

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