How Do You Help A Customer Choose Their Budget Between Organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click SEM?

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Sometimes it is hard enough to convince customers why they would need to advertise online. Let’s face it; not everybody was born an online advertising expert and it is hard to take in what is the difference between pay per click advertising and organic search engine optimization. To help your customer choose between the options depending on their budget, first you will have to let them understand why organic SEO and PPC are different. Let them make an informed decision about their SEM.

Short -And Long Term Costs Of SEO And PPC Campaigns

Depending on your customer’s plans you have to explain the difference about the cost and return of different SEM campaigns. Let them know that they are able to achieve immediate results with pay- per-click search engine marketing, once the profitable keywords and competition have been analyzed. Bear in mind that the success of the campaign is only going to last as long as their budget does. Once they stop funding PPC campaigns the traffic and conversions are going to stop. However the set up cost of a PPC campaign is much lower than organic SEO optimization.

Short and Long Term Results Of SEO and PPC campaigns

While PPC search engine marketing can produce almost immediate results it will be only as good as the client’s budget. SEO campaigns take much longer to set up, require more background work and analytics, and the upfront cost might be higher. But in the long run once they are in place and the company’s organic SEO is working, there are no additional costs to the customer other than some small maintenance costs. It does take longer to see results with organic SEM but these results will last much longer.

One- Off Campaigns

If a client is looking for a one-off campaign to build a subscribers’ base or improve their reputation, these branding campaigns work the very best with PPC advertising. They are also very good for putting a new product on the market and creating the buzz. These campaigns can still influence consumer behavior in the future and quickly build a new brand or make people know a new product. But they are not suitable for long term goals, or building up a complete SEM strategy.

Reputation Management With SEM

Another very important aspect and reason why some customers turn to search engine marketing companies for help is reputation management. If a client’s reputation has been damaged or needs improving, an organic reputation management SEO campaign is going to be the best solution and is preferable. Unfortunately the same results cannot be achieved using PPC campaigns.

Budgets For SEO And PPC

When helping a client choose between SEO and PPC campaigns you have to talk to them honestly about their budget. They will let you know if they are happy to invest more money into the campaign in the beginning and see continuous results afterward, or want to set up and control a monthly budget for advertising that provides them with a constant flow of traffic month by month.

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