How Important Is It For a Customer Website To Be Registered In DMOZ?

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An important part of a SEO strategy is to get the client’s site registered in DMOZ. But it is not easy to explain to your clients why it is really important to get registered on DMOZ and how it can help a SEO campaign. Certain misunderstandings are going around the Internet with regards to back-links and SEO and you will have to ensure that your customer does fully understand the steps they have to take or the strategy to get their website featured on DMOZ.

Time Is Crucial

DMOZ is a very busy directory as more and more webmasters and SEO experts realize its SEO value. Therefore it is crucial to submit the site content to the directory as soon as possible. It does not mean that you have to ignore any SEO optimization rules and submit a shabby website; you first have to bring your customer’s website up to a standard where it is going to get accepted by DMOZ editors.

The Immediate Results

Once a website is featured in DMOZ your client will see results and improvement in their SEO campaign. There are many features that do determine a site’s SEO value and Search Engine Rank Position. It can be keyword density, title tags, activity on the sites, updates, social media and back-links. But one of the most important things that search engine spiders and even Alexa checks when determining a site’s SEO value is if it is featured in DMOZ. And this single inclusion can really improve the web page’s reputation and ranking once included.

SERP Improvement

It is a proven fact that a site being listed in DMOZ has much more chances to rank high in search engines than one that is not. It is a kind of very strong vote for the customer’s website from an authority directory that seems to count towards SEO value a great deal. Why is it DMOZ and not other directories that can make a site jump high might be your question. There are more than one high quality online directories with high page rank, but it looks like DMOZ seems to be optimizing their site structure and listings for search engines the best.

Re-Writing A Website For Inclusion In DMOZ

In order to get your client’s site featured in DMOZ there might be some changes you have to make to the website first. It needs to be optimized around the very same keywords or category tags you are looking to put it under in DMOZ. As the directory is very popular the editors are strict and look through a site very carefully before including them in the DMOZ directory. It is in a way like going for a date with a popular girl, if you want to win them over you have to show her you’re very best and make no mistakes. Make sure there is no spelling or grammatical mistakes in the web site text and the design or template looks professional. There should be no broken links or too many links pointing out of the site. Double check on Google if the structure of the site is creating any type of duplicate content and fix the errors, otherwise your client’s site is doomed for rejection.

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