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You Chose… Wisely

If any of you are big fans of Indiana Jones like myself, then you’ll get the headline above. If not, then you chose poorly when it came to action-packed 1980s cinema.

But enough about Dr Jones and his whip-cracking escapades. This article is about something equally exhilarating – search engine optimisation.

In particular, it’s about SEO companies using spamming techniques to generate business…

If like me, you receive hundreds of spam emails each day, then you’ll know what a nuisance they can be. Of course not all of them are. Some of them offer fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunities. I’m currently assisting the King of Brunei to smuggle $100 million out of the tiny, oil-rich Sultanate. He says I’m going to be handsomely rewarded, and he wouldn’t lie about that.

I’m still confused as to why he contacted me, but that’s not important right now. I’m going to be rich.

Anyway, emails from oil-rich Sultans and friendly Nigerians with unpaid hotel bills are increasing by the day. And so are solicitations from search engine optimisation companies “guaranteeing” me top Google rankings for any keyword I want.

Yep, that’s right. I recently received a few emails from SEO companies, too. And that got me thinking… If they’re continuing to send out these kinds of emails, then the practice is obviously working.

So I thought I’d sit down and write this article to warn people that SEO companies who send out “unsolicited” emails are nothing more than spammers. And if this is the way they procure business, then you can be pretty sure that they’ll be using spamming techniques in their SEO strategy as well. I mean, these are clearly not the sort of companies who only employ ethical “white-hat” SEO techniques to boost their clients’ rankings!

I’m a freelance copywriter and I’d never dream of spamming people’s inboxes. Firstly, I wouldn’t be able to take the rejection, but secondly, it’s just not the way I like to do business.

So if you’re thinking of hiring an SEO company to improve your website’s rankings, then whatever you do, don’t hire one that sends out spam emails to anyone and everyone. If you want to stand a chance of ranking for your main keywords, then it’s absolutely crucial that you use only white-hat and ethical SEO methods, because if you get on Google’s wrong side, it’s getting increasingly tough to backtrack.

An SEO copywriter like myself will be able to help you with your on-site optimisation, and I’ll also be happy to suggest some good SEO companies to use. But if you go it alone, make sure that you research the company fully, and employ a firm that has the best interests of your company at heart.

Choose wisely. Just like Indi did.

Nick Cobb is an SEO copywriter, online marketing consultant and the founder and Managing Director of Write For You Ltd, a copywriting agency based in London, England. His principal website; My Freelance Copywriter provides a wide range of copywriting services to domestic and international businesses, while his sister site; Red Hot Sales Letters, is dedicated to producing profit-pulling sales copy for online marketers.

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