How to Register Your Domain Name FAST

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It’s important to know how to register your domain name for profit and control of your Internet marketing business. Remember that a domain name is the same as a website name and registering it is very simple to do. This makes it easier for people to find you – similar to your unique home address.

I highly recommend you register your domain name at GoDaddy for just $7.49 a year. Plus they have customer service to assist you during the process should you need help.

Top domain extensions are: .com, .net, and .org and prices are based on demand for that domain name and extension. I will run through the process of setting up your domain name so you can get started with your online business in just a moment. There are other registrars that offer similar services and I’ll list them here for you:

  • Yahoo
  • Network Solutions
  • Dotster

Now let’s get started with registering our domain at

  • GoDaddy 00 – Visit GoDaddy and use the Search Tool
  • GoDaddy 01 – Select domain by clicking “Add” button
  • GoDaddy 02 – Click “Continue to Registration”
  • GoDaddy 03 – Click “No Thanks” button to bypass upsells
  • GoDaddy 04 – Login or Create Account Info
  • GoDaddy 05 – Select “1 yr” (upgrades are available later)
  • GoDaddy 06– Review Order then click “Continue to Checkout” Button
  • GoDaddy 10 – Complete checkout info and click “Place Order Now”

That’s it! Please keep in mind that the steps above will be unique to your choice of service and that any reputable domain name registrar will provide customer service to assist you.

Later, in a separate post, I will talk about setting up a “Hosting” account. Let’s digest this one bite at a time. Another important subject that I will also discuss later is how to choose a money making SEO domain.

I’m assuming you have already done your niche market research and are ready to register your name of choice. Keep in mind that if your business is promoting energy efficient vehicles you could create a unique name for that or you might decide to target a less competitive keyword phrase like energy efficient scooters for example, which targets a smaller segment of the market. Please see my article on niche marketing and I’ll talk more on this subject later. I hope that this article on how to register your domain name has provided you with useful information on how to do just that and now you are ready to move on to your next step.

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