Selling Information Products Online – Using Article Marketing to Drive Floods of Traffic

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There are a number of keys to selling information products online, and you need to follow a series of important steps for success. However, of all of the things you need to do to ensure you are successful online, traffic generation tops the list as the most important part of your business. That is the case because without it, no matter how fancy your website is, no matter how many upsells or downsells you have, and not matter how great and revolutionary your product is, no one will ever even see your website if you can’t generate traffic. So at the end of the day, it drives your business more than anything else. There are tons of traffic generation methods. The one I prefer is easy to learn and you do it once and it keeps working for your for a long time. I’m talking about article marketing. In the remainder of this article I’ll discuss the mechanics of article marketing to give you a better idea about how to succeed

writing them.

This is probably the most popular of the free traffic methods, and the one I prefer. The point is to write articles and submit them to various article directories. Articles should have an introduction to your article topic, a body which further explains the topic you brought up in the introduction, and a conclusion. That’s the basic formula.

You’re allowed to put a resource box at the end of the article that will entice people to click on a link to visit your website. Here’s an example of a resource box:

“Do you want to find more information about bicep exercises? Download your free report on how to build awesome biceps at: http://*******.com.”

Don’t focus on writing a personal biography like many do. Also, notice that I used the keyword bicep exercises (which should be hyperlinked to your website) as well as the URL (which should also be hyperlinked).

The idea behind the resource box is to write something compelling and give a call of action to get the reader to the page you’d like to direct them to. Some of them will sign up to your list, or you can send them right to a sales page.

It is as simple as that. Recent changes to the Google Algorithm have hurt the rankings of EzineArticles, the most well-respected article directory, so now it has tightened up its standards so you’ll have to write articles that are at least 400 words long from now on. It has been the big daddy of article directories for quite some time, and it will likely remain so.

So don’t neglect it in your article writing efforts. At the same time, there are other article directories that you can submit to as well, but you’ll get lots of traffic even if you focus your efforts only on EzineArticles consistently.

Other high quality Article Directories include Go Articles, Articles Base, and Article Dashboard.

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