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There is a dilemma that should be well known within the website marketing industry. Because many large SEO companies take on as many projects as possible (Aw, the beauty of capitalism), they use many of the same traffic boosting techniques for many different websites. This is not the problem, because generally, it works. It is rather the fact that whatever documents, publications, connections, advertising or anything else they produce, they own. This, in turn, successfully makes you a paying hostage of theirs.

Now hear me out, most of these companies will have you pay large monthly fees for guaranteed Google page rankings and keyword search responses. These large fees are ok with the client because they see their needs being met and their traffic ratings sky rocket. All is well and good until the client decides they don’t need the assistance of that SEO company any longer, and this is where shit hits the fan, so to speak. The financially backed company threatens the smaller website owner claiming they will go directly to that website’s competition with the material they just produced unless they continue to pay.

Yes, I know this sounds like some crooked Hollywood movie but it’s not, it’s real life. The website owner has two choices now; legally he or she cannot sue because the material used to boost traffic ratings and so forth are owned by the large SEO company. So, he or she can continue to pay and continue its presence on Google’s number one page, or he or she can refuse and watch as their website falls into the dark oblivion of the World Wide Web. The only hope the website owners have is that during their paid months of internet fame, they have gained enough popularity to be successful on their own. The SEO companies can care less either way as their next ten projects have already started. It really is corruption at its best; with absolutely huge loopholes in the law keeping such cases out of the courtrooms. Even if it is possible to prove a legal wrongdoing on a SEO company’s behalf, the borderless extent of the web has no laws. Meaning, companies with servers located on some vacant island have no technical legal obligation to business law in the country you might be located. This all being said, not every well-known and successful SEO firm will do such things. Doing the full research of a potential firm is imperative, and even though the internet is much like the Wild West at this point, with some effort, there are always ways to uncover the truth.

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