The Basics Of Internet Advertising

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Well when it comes to the Internet and advertising then where do you start? Banner advertising, pay per view, pay per click or search advertising? Well as you can see the list can get very long very quickly, and if you do not take care you can spend a fortune on advertising that gives you a very poor return on your investment to say the very least.

Banner advertising has its place and can prove very effective when done on the right website, but just remember Internet advertising has to be appropriate with your banners appearing on relevant websites, and by this I mean if you are selling gardening products then having your banner displayed on a video games website is unlikely to give you a good return.

When it comes to banner advertising just remember they always give better results on a site that features a large number of graphics.

Always advertise on sites that are relevant to yours, and avoid offers that claim to advertise your banners on 2,000 websites, as the chances are your banners will appear on sites that are totally irrelevant to your content and you will get no click backs as a result.

Pay per view advertising can also be very expensive and you may see stats that show your ad has been shown to 10,000 people but yet you have only had 3 click troughs’, as such pay per view advertising is only suited to those with deep pockets and big budgets.

Pay per click advertising can prove very effective indeed as by selecting your choice of keywords it can provide very contextual responses. However you do need to carefully monitor your pay per click campaign as advertising on one of the major ones such as Google can cost you dearly with clicks costing up to $5 per click or more!

That said pay per click advertising can work for you at a low cost, if you target long tail keywords such as “How to grow vegetables” rather than simply bidding on the keyword “Vegetables”.

Also many people have now found using Facebook pay per click adverts to give a far higher return on investment than Google pay per click ads. This is because on Facebook the ads are even more target focused. Indeed in general you may get less clicks, but the traffic from those that do click will be far more focused, and hence far more likely to buy, or sign up for your newsletter.

When it comes to any form of Internet advertising what you should be focused on is the CTR, or what is otherwise known as the click through ratio. By this I mean that a CTR of 5% means that every 5 people in 100 that visit the site with your advert on click on it. The higher your CTR, the better your conversion rate is.

The skill in improving your CTR is in the wording of your pay per click advert or the look of your banner. You could do a lot of testing yourself or possibly look towards an Internet developer that can help you manage the whole advertising process as well as your budget on a daily basis.

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