Tips for Writing Compelling Video Scripts

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Video script writing is an important part of the video production process. The script acts as the guide for the actors or narrator to understand the message that needs to be conveyed to the audience. Tips for writing compelling video scripts include:

• Determine objectives of the video

Before writing the script, it is important to first identify the purpose of the video. Know what the goals and objectives of the video are. This includes understanding what message you need for the audience to hear. For example, if you’re promoting something in particular there may be specific information that must be conveyed, such as sale dates.

• Select a video style

There are a lot of different styles of video such as talking head close-ups, staged interviews, narratives, voice-overs, or dramatizations. The video script writing is directly impacted by the style in which the video is being shot. For example, dramatizations typically contain scripted scenes for actors to follow. However, a scripted interview would be written as a question and answer dialog.

• Focus script content to best reach target audience

It is important to understand who the target audience(s) of the video is. The script should be written to appeal to the specific demographics of said target audiences. An industry specific video could likely include more technical terms on a topic then something being filmed for the general public to view.

• Write to be heard

Remember, video scripts should be written to be heard, not read. They should be written as a person would actually speak; they often include sentence fragments and sometimes run-ons… When drafting a video script it is a good idea to read it back aloud to make sure that the dialog sounds natural.

• Include notes for the director

If you are writing a script for a short video, such as a 30 second or 60 second commercial, it is often helpful to include notations for the director. The script can contain directions for the camera person as well, sometimes noting camera angles and shots.

• Don’t forget the call to action

Call to action is often an extremely important element for the video script to cover. This is especially true for commercials. Call to Actions should direct the audience on what to do to learn more information, make a purchase, or identify next steps. Often the website address and phone number would be included in the video’s Call to Action.

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