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In previous articles I have covered the merits of uploading your video content to an online host and using that to generate interest and links to your web site, tips for shooting your own video and how get an effective but low-cost video from a production company.

In this article I am going to examine what makes a good script for your video and give examples of phrases that you can use to put a framework together.

This is intended for promotional videos and we will stick to voice over or writing copy for a presenter to read, if you are thinking of having dialogue involving two or more people in your video then this is a different prospect involving more creativity.

So where do you start? Well if you already have a brochure or a web site, you already have some copy to get the party started. Just open up word or another word processor and start to copy and paste your existing copy into it and start moving paragraphs around, you are off!

Alternatively use the helpful copy below:


Hello and welcome to our promotional video.

Here are a few words from our Managing Director, Sales Manager. Etc.

Our mission statement is… We aim to achieve this by the following strategy. Our company has been crafting… for the last… years.

Our company is a young hi tech company at the forefront of… we are situated in the… with easy access to nearby motorway networks, this ensures that we are never far from any of our UK customers.

Our company has been providing… to industry for the last… years. We are the top consultants in our field and have been for the past… years.


Annual turnover is now… Profitability is… Investment levels are currently… Our parent group is…

Our sister company is… and provides us with an unbeatable combination of… We have… employees and we are/have Investors in people. ISO 90… Just in time delivery.

Total quality management. Most current management strategy… Etc. accreditation

Every now and again along comes an innovation that changes the marketplace, that time is now. All the technology involved in our production process is state of the art, this ensures quality, reliability and we meet your delivery deadlines on time, every time.

We are heavily committed to IT that enhances our internal and external communication. Our service is the best you can buy because. Our products are the best you can buy due to… Our commitment to your service is matched only by our creative solutions to your challenges.

Our employee training programme always ensures that you get the best levels of customer care and service.

Our dedicated staff doesn’t stop at pleasing our customers, we try to delight, exceed expectations.

We have worldwide bases in UK, USA, Germany, France….

Let us take you through our production process, we are better than our nearest rivals because…

So that’s our product, we have shown you why it’s the best in the market place.

OUTRO – Call to action

Now you can see why our service gives you complete peace of mind and keeps you competitive in the market place.

Contact us immediately for friendly informal advice.

Contact us immediately for an up to date brochure. Fill in the web site enquiry form.

Phone us anytime for a cost-effective quote.

We are not cheap but we are the best.

Phone us, email us, fax us, write to us, page us, but one thing is for sure, you can’t do without us.

Call us, what have you got to lose, only time and profits if you don’t. So now you can see the advantages that our company has to offer

Contact us. Thanks for watching.

Copy and paste the phrases above and you can use them as a guide and erase the bits that are not relevant and insert your own copy when required.

It is often a good plan to have a beginning and middle and an end, the viewer then knows what they are watching, the main information and what to do at the end when it is finished.

The style of the writing is important, you may keep it “matter of fact” but in some cases a funny, offbeat, irreverent, questioning, ironic, self-deprecating delivery will get your message across in a more productive manner. Reflect on this thought; unless you have a really unique selling point like a patented process what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

The answer is to be remarkable!

You now have your basic script, what is the major difference between copy for web sites or brochures and video?

The answer is simple but you wouldn’t believe how it impacts on composition, if the audio is to be in the form of a voice over or a presenter the words will be spoken!

The spoken word is often different to the written word. When you get an “It is” the reader will probably prefer to use it’s, this is just one small difference, the best way to edit your script for the next stage is to read it out loud. There is nothing worse than paying for a studio and an artist only to have a long hold up while the artist amends the script so it can be read more easily and comfortably.

Now you have completed the composition with an introduction, main body and a call to action, refined the script to be spoken out load and found the means or style to be remarkable you are ready to record yourself or book an artist and studio.

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