Avoiding Click Fraud On Google AdWords Content Network

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Click fraud can happen when you advertise on a very crowded and saturated niche market and thousands of competitors abound here and there. It can be natural and ordinary if some ambitious competitors will aim to have your share of the market because they are not getting the same.

This will happen when your competitors will repeatedly click on your ads and when the networks will see this happen your account may be considered fraudulent. This will not be good for your Adwords content network advertising campaign because aside from losses on advertising costs, you will be banned by your network provider.

If these things happen, what to do most probably will be foremost in your mind and proactive steps should you undertake to protect your site from these things. There are proactive steps that you can do to face this concern and some of these are the following:

  • When you are advertising on the content network, keep an eye on your competitors. These are the type of people who are the potential sources of click fraud because of probably the stiff competition you are giving their business.
  • Choose the sites that your ads are displayed on and monitor the quality of clicks made on the ads displayed. Do not accept just any site even if these are popular ones, you can have options anyway, and choose the sites where you want your ads displayed.
  • Frequently update list of sites you suspect that may commit click fraud to your ads. This can be your way of protecting your ads by not displaying them on these sites because of high probabilities of click fraud.
  • Monitor URLs or websites that stop your ads from being displayed on the content network. These are the sites that probably are potential competitors or they are presently competitors in your niche field.
  • Monitor those making clicks with the same IP address but are constantly clicking on your ads. These are the sites committing click fraud on your ads.
  • When you are advertising on the content network, you have to keep track of the click through rate of your ads. If these are not the normal and you notice something unusual or have an abrupt rise in CTR, then there is a high probability that click fraud is committed.

The best thing to do when you are in this situation is to report your case to your network provider and state the facts. This effort may be appreciated by the networks, and the good thing is that you have shown your case on the matter.

Reporting on these things will hopefully make your ads and site above suspicion of being fraudulent. These things will also clear your name and erase suspicions.

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