Benefits From SEO – How Your Website Will Succeed By Utilizing SEO

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SEO is talked about all the time, but what does it do for you?

In this article you will learn the main benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why you need to pay attention to this area and do something about it.

There are two types of SEO and this is the first point of confusion for many website owners. There is

(1) Internal — On-site SEO and

(2) External SEO — link building.

I could write a book on these topics! But now I will briefly explain the benefits of each type and why they are so important to your online presence and getting new business from the internet.

Internal – On-site SEO

The name says it all. We must “optimize” your website internally. OK, now what does that really mean?

The key to search engine optimization is to make the search engines find your website and rank it at the top of the search results when people search for the “keywords” or search terms that relate to your business.

If you are an injury lawyer, then you want your site optimized for the keyword “injury lawyer” so when people put that phrase in Google or Yahoo or Bing they will see your site first. Thus your website title and content must contain the phrase “injury lawyer” in there, plus synonyms. This is Internal SEO for an optimized website.

Benefits of High Search Rankings

Remember the first site listed will get about a third of the clicks, and the top three listed will get over 70% of the traffic. If you are not on the first page of the results then you will get almost no clicks, and thus no free search engine traffic to your website or landing page.

So getting traffic is the main benefit, but not the only benefit. Because you can get traffic other ways. But search engine traffic is the best traffic.

Search engine traffic is the best because it is “real time” and people looking for you as an injury lawyer RIGHT NOW will find you Right Now. So they are “hot” leads and very likely to take action and make a call to hire you.

External Optimization

We now know that Google, Yahoo and Bing will send visitors to you if your website has the right keyword search terms that match what words are put in the search box. Is that all there is to optimizing a website? No.

You also must let these Search Engines know that your website is relevant and popular and respected by third parties, i.e., other websites on the world wide web. This is done by getting “links” from other sites to your site, and to many pages within your web site.

The Search Engine Spiders crawl the web 24/7 and they will find other websites that have live links back to your website, and pages within your site. These are called “backlinks” by the Search Optimizers.

The more backlinks you have, and the more from respected websites with high “page rank” and authority, the more popular you appear to the Search Engine Spiders. If you are most popular, with the most links and the highest quality backlinks, and you have good internal optimization also, you will rank #1 in Google.

This is every Search Engine Optimizing consultant’s dream!

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Leo J. Vidal, JD, MA, CPA is the founder of several marketing companies and the inventor of the VIBES.ID system — Vidal Internet Business Enterprise System for Internet Domination. He has been helping businesses make more money since 1983, and is a former Regional Director with a global CPA consulting firm, Deloitte & Touche.

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