How Do You Advertise On Google AdWords Content Network?

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Advertising with Google AdWords needs you to differentiate advertising on the search network and the content network. The two are very much different as the search network is being focused more on the keywords and relevance of the ads to the websites while with the content network, you are targeting customers through several types of ad types and ad formats.

Optimization is not being given much importance in content network advertising unlike in the search network where it is more being focused. With content advertising your ads will be theme based and your ad displayed on sites or groups that have the same theme or relevance to your ads and products.

With content network advertising you can have Google place you on a particular group or category and have your ads displayed on these or you can select sites relevant to yours. How to advertise on Google AdWords content network means you have to do things like the following:

  • The first thing that Google will do is that based on your topics and contents, you will be placed on a particular theme and category. This theme will be the basis of your placement or you will just rather select the sites, but one thing better with content advertising is that you can start with low bids.
  • The next thing to do is create ads based on your theme. You have to remember that you will be reaching your customers while they are browsing so the need for compelling and attractive ad copies is a lot so that these will arouse the interest of customers.
  • Then, based on your budget and your geo-targeting scheme, your ads will be displayed on related sites. You have options of adding images to your ads to make these more compelling and attractive to prospective customers.
  • The next best thing to do is to monitor your ad’s performance after running it for one or two weeks. Since you are paying for clicks made, remove ads displayed on sites that give you lackluster performance or giving you no conversions.
  • If you are losing on clicks made on some sites think of non-placement of your ads on negative keywords. Keywords not directly significant to your ads will just give you loses so non-placement of your ads in these sites will be better.

So, you have seen that content network advertising is a completely different strategy with search network advertising based on the previously mentioned procedures. But this advertising type is also a very powerful advertising method of Google AdWords.

But since this is Google AdWords advertising, you can stop an ad running differently and not giving you good results. You can make adjustments and have it relevant but one thing good is that you can bid low.

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