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In order to improve their search engine ranking, most webmasters would be willing to give an arm and a leg and many other parts too. But the rankings and traffic usually goes to sites which are capable of doing one or both of two things. The site should provide spectacular content and/or run a spectacular SEO campaign.

Libraries are filled with books about how to do this, so it is hardly possible to explain it in a page. However, it is possible to summarize what needs to be done and how a website or page gets a better search engine ranking. The important thing is to think about it not as a campaign to please the search engines, but one meant to keep the website’s actual human visitors happy.

When a page has great content, users who read it will tell other visitors about it on their own blogs and sites and on social media. Pretty soon a whole lot of people are visiting the page, talking about it and sharing it. In other words, good content and a website that is easy to find and use automatically gets a lot of incoming backlinks and visitors.

This is what the algorithms look for and it pushes up the search engine ranking for said page. Of course, the content, website usability and organic links are not the only things that matter. There are also other (read artificial) ways to boost rankings, like running a link building campaign and creating buzz on social networks.

For instance, the site can be submitted to a whole lot of free and paid directories. It’s possible to do link partnerships and blog-roll exchanges with other websites in the same space. Articles and RSS feeds can be submitted to aggregators, comments can be posted on blogs and forums and permanent links can be purchased on high value domains.

Social media is an important part of the game. It’s hard to overstate the importance of direct traffic from social networks, and just as important is the SEO value of the links obtained on these networks. It also boosts the brand recognition of the site and the company, and this makes it easy to establish link partnerships with important sites.

End game here is that improving the search engine ranking of a page needs a lot of onsite optimization, with content targeted around a list of high value keywords. It also needs offsite buzz and link building, and this has to be an ongoing activity. Done right, it will give a permanent boost to rankings and traffic.

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