The Difference Between SEO and Internet Marketing – Simple Facts

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The difference between SEO and Internet marketing is the same as comparing light to dark. Both are synonymous of each other, but both are as different as different can be. However, as synonymous as they are and as different as they are, one cannot be without the other, the more focus you have on SEO the less focus you will have on the latter…and that can spell failure for your success online as we shall see.

The difference between SEO and Internet marketing for anyone new to this platform might not see the obvious difference at first, but given time to understand and learn how to market effectively here you will. Both of these has in and of itself a whole unique learning curve that needs to be learned and applied to your efforts online…without both your future of success online most likely will not happen.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Let’s start with SEO. So what is Search Engine Optimization you ask? This is the technical part of your success with any business online, this is where half of your attention will be. This particular part of your path to success online will be all about the technical side of effective marketing strategies. This will include the skills needed below:

• How to do Keyword Research

• Understanding Keyword Density

• Linking Structure Globally

• Backlinking

• How Search Engines Rank

• SERP’s

• Social Signals

• Website Organization

• SEO Worthy Content

• Content Relevancy and Popularity

While this is only a small portion of what SEO really is, this is enough once learned to truly begin to dominate the search engines organically speaking. Search Engine Optimization will be mostly based around what is called “SEM” or, search engine marketing. This is where your website and all the content it contains is focused around getting good page rank in the organic searches (FREE SEARCH RESULTS). This part of the learning curve will, for the most part, be the most difficult part of the process, but this can be learned by anyone with the gumption for success with any business on the Internet.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, some will say, is synonymous with SEO, this is not truly a fact. For those of us who have found massive success online can tell you that online marketing is the human factor or side of finding success with your business online. Internet marketing will consist of some of the same goals of SEO, but this will be played out mostly through other focuses such as learning:

• Article Marketing

• Video Marketing

• Social Media

• Sales Copy & Calls To Action

• Forums

• And once again, Content Creation

Above will be the basic platforms to be used to dominate the search engines, but as you can see without understanding some basics of SEO…these platforms will return almost no results. Learning to tie the two together and understanding why you need good title tags, solid linking structure and sales copy will be the most important step to success with anything online. Although the search engines, even GOOGLE, are a little behind the sophisticated software that make a page look great, it still takes a solid understanding of what they use to rank your content, without a good page rank…your great looking site will not be found.

The difference between SEO and Internet Marketing as you can see is as different as light and dark, but both have to be applied to truly build, brand and create success for you here online. Many unfortunately get the two either confused and miss out or, they dive deeper into one soon forgetting about the other…either way, results in bad page rank or no real income creating traffic happens. Keep up the good work and remember that both need to be applied evenly paying attention to keywords and content but at the same time creating the need in the prospect to move forward with you.

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