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When SEO works it’s great. All that commitment and energy, not to mention expense, channelling as one. All that research, strategy, competitor research and careful crafting is now driving enquiries, helping take orders or powering your contact list creation. The SEO stars have aligned and every time you run Rank Checker all those delicious single digit rankings pop up to delight and amuse your MD. Go on, run it again just to double check. Yep. They’re still there.

When SEO works you feel bullet proof. On the top of the world looking down on the competition and hoovering up the action.

More often than not though, for most companies SEO fails to deliver this idyllic scenario. Usually your SEO success might best be described as ‘minor league’. Or ‘Conference standard’, perhaps.

It’s not disastrous. You do exist in Google’s eyes to an extent. It’s not as though your site is buried on page 35 or that you win no traffic at all that’s the problem. You do ok(ish). No. The problem is that so-so just isn’t good enough. Why should the competition make you eat dust? And remember, it can cost you as much to be an SEO ‘Z’ lister as it can to be an SEO superstar. So if you’re paying for it why not make it count?

When your SEO is ‘meh’ what should you do to find the tipping point? The sweetspot where your SEO campaign takes flight?

Here are just a few SEO essentials that might lie at the route of your current mediocre performance. Address these professionally, with vigour and insight and you might just be unlocking that secret door.

Don’t skimp – Your online presence is an important investment and deserves to be funded adequately. It’s your company. Your brand. If you find you’re spending more on sandwiches than SEO then something is wrong.

Build a strong base – SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Lay solid foundations both technically and when it comes to content strategy.

Build better links – Links are your SEO life-blood.

Check that you are targeting the right keywords – Talk to your customers. Watch what they do. Review your competitors. Make sure you’re using keywords that make your world go round.

Make sure that you are using a tried and trusted SEO team – A partner that understands that SEO is all about quality and nothing to do with playing the system. The second people start talking Black Hat politely make your excuses and leave.

Great SEO won’t happen overnight, but if you have these fundamentals in place you will be well on the road to those sexy Rank Checker numbers.

Talk to an SEO Agency for more information.

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