Windows VPS – Why Implement Virtualization?

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A Virtual Server or a Windows Virtual Server (Windows VPS) is a type of hosting software in which a large physical server is divided into numerous small servers after partitioning them virtually. This virtual partition gives each small server its own operating system and hence the capability of getting rebooted and updated as and when required.

The benefits of a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Server are as follows:

  • It reduces cost
  • It saves energy
  • You have access to better resources
  • Freedom to increase and decrease resources
  • Customization
  • You get to have a platform on which you can test a lot of applications
  • You can have multiple operating systems on the same server
  • Your Windows Virtual Server is very much portable

Each time you are trying to develop new software or an application; you have to test it before making it live. A Windows VPS gives you that platform where you can test and experiment your creations. All you have to do is take multiple Virtual Servers and go ahead with your research.

When you want to run multiple operating systems, then in case of physical server, they can be installed together but cannot be run simultaneously. But this is not true for a Virtual Server. Virtualization makes all this possible. This is simply possible because each virtual server has its own operating system which is separate from the others. Hence, one person can opt for either Windows VPS or Linux VPS and still be on the same physical server.

Thus virtualization makes such things feasible and keeps it running for you at lower cost since it is cheaper than a physical or a Dedicated Server.

If you look at a Dedicated Server, then all this is possible but for each operating system you will have to put in a new hardware. This is not so in case of a Virtual Server. Here on a one physical server you can have different operating systems after separating them virtually. But it becomes very expensive to own different operating systems in case of a Dedicated Server. Virtualization reduces all such costs. The web hosting company you have signed up for will take care of all the hardware you would require and you get freed from all such hassles. All you will have to do is sign up for a Virtual Private Server or a VPS and install the operating system you desire.

Lastly, a Virtual Server is portable too. It is a kind of huge file and can be copied to any other network. So this makes the recovery and backup of your data very easy. You just have to restore it to the other place and bring it back online which is great.

We have tried to list all the major benefits or advantages of a Windows VPS and hope this information would further help you in understanding a Virtual Private Server and the concept of virtualization.

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