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Any individual who works in search optimisation is ready for the undeniable fact that things can alter in the industry, almost overnight. It is crucially important to be on the ball with new information and facts in order to keep up with the pack. With 2011 well underway we are able to see a few differences in SEO already, but none of the changes are creating much surprise if we are truthful. We have noticed though that Page Rank is turning into an even less than reliable source of deciding how good a site is. There are very few SEO experts out there who were not aware of this last year, but it has become more relevant than ever. The hard part is not about spotting this trend; the hardest thing of all is persuading one’s client of a better page to link from, one which does not specifically have great page rank. Your clients will need to recognise the importance of site relevance, but do you think you can explain this to them?

It is likely that the largest change to your work this year is going to be detailing the shifts in SEO to clients. It is important to understand what they want you to do, and also to make sure that they understand why you are doing the work you are doing, and how this will spell success for them. If your client is unsure why you are doing something, they are going to have a hard time believing that your actions are going to results in success for their business. It is important to take time out of your work to make sure that your client understands about page rank, and why you will be giving lesser regard than last year, when it comes to judging websites. Doing this could be difficult, but it will be time well spent, after which you won’t have to explain why you have spent hours of your campaign finding websites which are relevant to your site rather than high in page rank.

Given that your client has a better comprehension of Search optimisation, they will have a better understanding of what you are doing and this will allow them to feel in control of their business a bit more. The key this year is going to be all about being clearly understood in every way. This means openness for your customers and the search engines. Of all the things you need to do this year you will be fine if you keep in mind these three things. First you need to perform and create great results for your client, second you have to explain to your client a bit more about the industry, and third you have to sell your new ideas to your clients given that they now know a bit more about what you do.

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