Exposed 4 Proven Strategies For Maximizing Your AdSense Profits

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There are plenty of websites out there that make money through the AdSense program, and if you take a closer look at them, you’ll notice that they attract heavy traffic and contain a ton of top notch content. Most of these sites focus on publishing information on profitable topics such as technology and travel destinations, and will usually feature reviews on a range of ‘big-ticket’ products that are more likely to produce lucrative ads.

However, even if your own website does not fit this description, you need not worry because there’s a lot you can do to fine-tune and maximize your AdSense earnings. Given below are 4 proven techniques that you can implement immediately:

Tip 1
Take time to research and dig up keywords that have the potential to be high earners.

You need to set aside some time to research high-paying keywords in reliable pay-per-click search engines and use them in pages where you wish to place the ads. Bids can climb up to $12 or higher to ensure top rankings for some keywords, so targeting and going after these is a great way to make money with AdSense – provided of course, you publish excellent content on relevant themes and topics.

Tip 2
Use powerful SEO strategies to attract high-paying ads

For starters, you could insert the keyword you’ve picked in the file name eg: the H1 title, and the first and last 100 words or so on the page. This particular technique will enable search engines to better assess the relevance of your website and match it to a user’s search term. Including keyword phrases that people type in to look for info on the subject of your content helps your site achieve a good ranking in the search results. Obviously, you’ll make money (and lots of it) when there’s a sharp increase in traffic. Hence, if you’re aiming to target ads for certain products, insert the keywords advertisers are likely to be targeting in the copy of your site. Make sure you do this in a subtle way that makes sense.

Tip 3
Don’t place ads on pages that are crucial to your sales funnel

Here’s another way to make money and optimize your AdSense profits – if your website is based on an e-commerce model as opposed to being an information hub, don’t place ads on pages that are an important part of your sales process. So avoid putting them on your sales letter page, product details pages or on your order form.

Tip 4
Take advantage of Google’s ‘channels’

This is an awesome feature that enables you to effortlessly track the performance of every page on your site. The tool also allows you to carry out testing so that you can refine your strategy, if necessary.
Basically, you have the option of grouping pages together and assigning them a channel – you could then keep track of how each group performs. The data you collect can be analyzed to find out and compare the earnings and click-through rates within each channel. All of this will help you make money faster and in a shorter period of time.

Well, there you have it – 4 proven tips for maximizing your AdSense earnings!

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