Getting The Most Out Of Your Email Mailing Lists

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Email mailing lists can be a very beneficial business resource. But when you do not use them the right way, your subscribers can very easily begin ignoring your e-mails whenever they notice them in their in-boxes or even worse, unsubscribe permanently.

If you’d like to keep your email list subscribers interested you will want to constantly test how you do things. Here are several of the most important elements you need to test.

1. When To E-mail Your Mailing Lists

Surprisingly, it can make a huge impact on your results based on the time of day you decide to contact your e-mail mailing list.

Possibly you have heard experienced marketers saying things such as “never e-mail on weekends”, “Tuesdays get best results” or “people don’t respond on Mondays”. While it’s helpful to read their experiences, just about every email subscriber list is different.

For example, if your email list is a hobby niche targeted towards working parents you may then find they open their e-mails more at night and weekends. If you’re targeting work-at-home affiliate marketers, however, then weekday daytime emails may work best.

2. How Frequently To Contact Your Email Opt In List

There’s a huge debate on the subject of how often you ought to e-mail your lists. However, one thing is for certain, make sure you do email them! It may sound simple, but everybody is scared of overwhelming and annoying their email list subscribers that they are unable to e-mail them at all!

Again, this is definitely one more thing you need to test. Remember to check in at least once a week to help keep your name on your subscribers’ radar – apart from that it’s up to you how often you e-mail. But don’t take unsubscribes to heart. It’s not the end of the world if somebody unsubscribes: it’s unlikely they would have remained a subscriber for a lot longer at any rate.

3. Things To Send Your Targeted Email Lists

Yet another thing marketers are afraid of is scaring away their customers with too many offers. It’s true that you need to be careful about what you are marketing, but what constitutes “too many promotions” is not the same for most business mailing lists.

For instance, your customers might have opted into a “special offers” newsletter, in that case they’re going to expect promotions!

One way to figure out what they really want and respond to – and remember, that’s what’s important here – is to mix purely informational emails along with your offers. You might find your customers ignore your informational emails, or you may find they ignore the offers unless you mix them in with something free. You’ll never know unless you test!

The Right Way To Test What Your Email List Subscribers Want

Most email marketing services have plenty of options that lets you test what is most effective. At the very least, monitor the number of email opens you get, exactly how many people click your links and, if appropriate, how many people purchase. When you’ve tested one way of doing things, test the opposite and record your results until you determine what works best for your subscribers.

Other testing strategies to try include sending surveys to your subscribers or simply listening to their feedback – but don’t forget that lots of them, no matter how much they love your email newsletter, won’t bother to respond at all.

All e-mail mailing lists are very different, which is why testing – along with learning from successful marketers – is absolutely vital to the growth of your business.

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