How to Outsource Article Marketing

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Choosing a perfect article marketing service provider depends on why you need to outsource the job. Here are some scenarios:

Scenario 1: You do not have enough time and patience to produce unique articles
Scenario 2: You have hundreds of unique articles which are already written and so not have enough resources to submit them to the top channels
Scenario 3: You are a novice when it comes to article marketing and you are not able to write unique ones and have no clue how or where to distribute them.

Now we have these 3 scenarios and the choice to outsource the job should be based on the information below

You do not have enough time and patience to produce unique articles

With Google’s Panda update, the part of writing unique articles has become important than ever before. Almost 85% of them trying to get into article marketing face with this hurdle. Writing unique articles which are informative, fresh and interesting to read is a challenging task. Not all the SEO firms out there have succeeded in this part of article marketing. Today’s search engine optimization demands more than just a copyscape passed article. The article topic chosen must be unique along with enough information to support the title. The best way to hire an outsourcing firm for article writing is to get published content samples from them. If they are well skilled in producing top quality articles, they would have an expert EzineArticles account will a bunch of published articles.

A Solution to just distribute the Article

This scenario applies for the SEO firms who outsource the article submission jobs alone. As you know, manual distribution of the article is the key to success in article marketing. Make sure that the service provider follows a manual process. This could be made sure by demanding screenshots of the filled article distribution forms. If your article is perfectly written and is submitted after formatting properly, there is nothing that could stop the article from going live. So you can demand the submission service provider to get you published articles as a final report

A Turnkey Article Marketing Solution

When it comes to looking outsourcing entire article marketing, you will have to combine the above 2 scenarios and find the service provide. Here are some common stuff to look for to choose the perfect outsourcing solution for article marketing:

  • Do they have the list of best article directories out there with updated pagerank.
  • Does the firm offer guaranteed publication of the article in the top article directories such as
  • Are they strictly following manual submission processes?
  • Do they follow the common rules of outsourcing? Never contact your client directly. Report to you with all material branded with your company name. Allow bulk outsourcing discounts. They are ready to sign a NDA to maintain confidentiality of client information.

So that’s it. Happy outsourcing

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