How to Spot Unethical SEO Services

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Search engine optimization or SEO is considered by many as the most cost-effective move that can be done by business owners in order to score a higher ranking on search engines. And this is the reason why SEO services are sought after online. In fact, there are a number of legitimate SEO services providers that sprouted out with the intent of helping budding online entrepreneurs score a good position online. But the problem is that with the rising popularity of SEO services, there is also that complementary rise of providers of scam services. When you say scam services, these will refer to fraudulent approaches and strategies that do not usually follow what Google has indicated in its guidelines. These approaches are often used in order to fast-track the progress of one website and gain a good following online. These approaches and actions are not rampant, and these are offered by some firms and providers specializing in SEO services. And the bad news is that there are online entrepreneurs who fell for this kind of offer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these services will help you; these scam will only undermine your business and your online identity once Google discovered that fraudulent approaches have been made. It’s best that you stay away from these scams, and on that note it is important to learn the common indicators of SEO scam.

· The typical scam now involves that ‘offer’ that they can mass submit to thousands of search engines. The problem with this kind of offer is that it is not actually important that you should submit to thousands of search engines. In search engine optimization, it’s all about quantity over quality. With this in mind it is more important to focus on links coming from authority websites.

· Another scam indicator is when the SEO services provider promises that you can get to number 1 position on the Search Engine Results Pages or the SERPs. For those in the know, this is similar to the impossible dream. It’s tough producing a number 1 listed website online, and if they have offered the same services to competing companies using the same keywords does this mean that there will be multiple number ones?

· Unsolicited communication and e-mails coming from SEO services providers. If you have received an unsolicited email then this should alert you that there is something wrong with the provider. Consider this as one red flag.

· Another scam indicator points to the non-existence of track record for the provider of SEO services. It is important that if you are looking for assistance and guidance from the SEO services providers then it’s just normal that you will do transactions with companies and providers with a good track record and success rates. Offers from fly-by-night companies will not help your cause in making your website and your business relevant online.

Maybe you are not yet subjected to scam offers but if you are in this business then there is a high chance that these offers will come your way. And when that happens, at least you are now aware of the scam possibilities and you know how to evaluate SEO services offers. By knowing these indicators, you can be sure that your site and business will not be at the receiving end of unscrupulous acts that may put your name and business under a bad light.

Seomul Evans is a Local SEO consultant specializing in white hat SEO.

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