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There’s no escaping search engine optimization. If you fail to use and adopt SEO practices, then you lose the chance of connecting with users and consumers who get online and search for things, products and services that you are looking for. The search engines are the places where consumers converge and on that same platform you and the other online marketers will compete in order to get the attention of the consumers. And the prevailing idea is that the one that gets the biggest slice of attention is the one that maximizes search engine optimization. So if you would like to become relevant and popular online, then it’s not a good move to ignore search engine optimization or SEO. What you should do is to face SEO and utilize that as well to your advantage. Now there are many ways on how to make that happen, and we list the basic things that you should cover.

1. Focus on keyword research. This is an important activity that should be considered. The ruling that is accepted by many practitioners is to concentrate to up to 5 keywords or phrases that can be used on the site. Or you can focus on up to three key phrases or words for the single page. In doing keyword research, you can use the free tools that are provided online. Or you can get the services of SEO professionals and you can ask for a listing of suggested keywords to use.

2. Study your competition. Admit it or not, you are online to compete. Check out the best practices of the competition. This is what you call as ‘benchmarking’. Find out where the competition ranks, and on which terms they are currently ranking. If you can, you can also check out their incoming links.

3. Pay attention to the design of the website. Consumers and internet users are still influenced by the visuals so it is a good idea to make sure that the website that you are maintaining is visually pleasing. If you want to make it perfect, then you can get the services of professionals. The services come for a fee, but at least you can be sure that the structure of the website will be in line with what the search engines are looking for.

4. Use site maps to your advantage. If your site is growing, then that is one good reason to create site map for the site. Site maps allow the sites to be checked easily by search engines.

5. Consider using web analytics. By using web analytics, you can easily track how well your web site is performing relative to the other players online. Do you want to know how many clicks your website and your specific keyword are getting? You will know this information if you consider web analytics for your business. Some of these tools do come for free (like hit counters) and some tools are paid services.

6. Focus your resources on content building. Content will differentiate you from the other players online. The better the content, then the higher the chance that you website will get more attention online. Users can easily see through any poorly-made content and resources.

These six suggestions should be considered as fundamentals in search engine optimization. Of course, there are other suggestions out there. But by starting on these six, you can prepare your website for the rough competition online.

Seomul Evans is a Internet Marketing services consultant specializing in organic SEO.

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