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If I get asked once, I get asked thousands of times a month and that is How do we get Google to notice our website?

You would be surprised how many people think that all you have to do is build a website, any website, pop it online and voila.

Google will rank me and they will come!

To some extent this is true, however, not to the degree that you require to make a profit online. There are some simple tasks you can carry out and I am willing to share them with you for free why? Because these are very basic and if you don’t know how to do these then please, with all due respect, click close, log off and go back to working in the rat race.

Getting Google To Notice My Site #1

The first thing to do is to ensure your website copy (the text you add to the pages) makes sense and includes YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME. Read it out aloud, does it sound plausible? If not, re-work it until it does.

Clear and concise copy if vital not only for the search engines but also your visitors.

Getting Google To Notice My Site #2

Sticking with content, ensure you have identified the important copy, your main phrase or indeed phrases. These could be a product name, service title or name of somebody but whatever it is, ensure it is relevant to your copy.

Now you know what it is, get it into your page nice and early and mark it up as a header, H1 is perfect and remember, you can control the H1 size via css if need be.

Getting Google To Notice My Site #3

Get a link out there, and make sure it uses your title/product/service etc as the anchor (see point 2). Even if you are linking back to your page from another page on your site…IT COUNT’S PEOPLE.

Getting Google To Notice My Site #4

Submit a sitemap to Google. This is a little tricky if you have never done it before, but with a little reading and research you should master this without too much difficulty. (We can do this for you for FREE if you wish. As long as your site is under 500 pages.)

Once this is all done, sit back and monitor your progress, there are tools out there that will help you. These tips will get your site noticed.

As a business owner, you already appreciate the vital role a website brings to your business.

But how do you promote website and bring your product/service to an audience of millions without spending a fortune on TV commercials and newspaper adverts?

Web marketing, that’s how, and we can help you.

Many companies now realise that web marketing companies like us, are vital to gain success online. As the competition grows, the harder it gets to push ahead of the game.

For your FREE Google Sitemap, which we will generate for you, visit our blog today. We will also send you information on how to get your sitemap online.

Our services are available to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia ONLY.

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