Quality Guidelines According to Google Should Define SEO Services

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Whether you like it or not, Google will have a say on the direction and the future profitability of your website. As of last count, Google is still the world’ s leading search engine thus their Search Engine Results Pagers or the SERPs and their results still matters. And if you can score high up on their SERPs then that mean that you are doing well in terms of optimizing your site with SEO services. And this also means that you are not violating any guidelines that were set by the giant Google. Now the guidelines that were drafted by the site are highly comprehensive. But if you would like to get a sneak peak as to what the Google truly likes, then here is a listing of the quality guidelines as approved by the search engine. Get these quality guidelines into play, and you will be safe in the eyes of the spiders of Google. And you know what it means, right? It will only mean that you can compete well on the SERPs.

· When developing the contents for the website, make sure that the web pages are generated and drafted not for the search engines but for the benefit of the users. It is recommended that users should not be deceived, or the users should not be presented with contents that were not displayed in the SERPs. Search engines call this as cloaking. In line with this, there are specific actions that you may want to avoid. For example, try avoiding the use of keywords that are not relevant to the content of the site. Some publishers use highly popular keywords simply for generating traffic yet these keywords are not linked and relevant to the content.

· The quality guidelines also frown on tricks that can improve rankings.

· Right now, link exchange is a popular option in order to increase the relevancy and the ranking of the website. There is nothing wrong in exchanging links, provided that the link exchange is done in a natural way. But when it comes to link schemes and practices that are questionable, then forget about this. Most search engines can tell if these are done through questionable link schemes. One good suggestion to be kept in mind is to avoid the links that come from web spammers or avoid links coming from bad neighborhoods. Links to these sites will undermine the relevancy and the integrity of your website.

· It is also now common to find automated programs that submit pages and check rankings. The problem with this is that Google don’t acknowledge this as a legitimate move.

A check with the webmaster guidelines of Google reveal a number of specific tips, and it’s wise that you are aware of these. The list further includes the need to avoid the hidden texts or hidden links, avoidance of sneaky redirects, the avoidance of automated queries to search engine and the loading of irrelevant keywords. From the guidelines, it may seem that this is all hard work. But if you are intent of doing well online and doing well on Google, then it pays to do SEO services along the line of the set guidelines. This will pay your site in the long run, and this is a wise investment.

Seomul Evans is a SEO services consultant specializing in Search Engine Marketing and white hat SEO.

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