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Link strategy that builds links to a website is arguably the most important thing in SEO. Nothing is discussed in small business SEO circles more than link strategies. There are almost as many methods as there are SEO firms. The goal small business SEO strategy is to build links to the site in such a way that it brings in targeted commercial traffic that will convert into a sale.

Being able to measure the value of the link was one of the factors that made Google a search engine market leader (they were not quite at first but they were clearly the best). It all began with Page Rank, which takes its name from one of Google founders- Lawrence Page, and not as it may sound at first – page rank. Page Rank is a complex mathematical model that evaluates sites based on their incoming links. A site with more relevant, authority and contextual links will result higher search engine ranking.

Page Rank is not as important as it once was. There are now many more variables than there were in the beginning that determine how a page is ranked. High Page Rank does mean more traffic anymore or even higher ranking anymore. However, it is a pretty good indication of how many and how strong the inbound links a site has.

Although Page Rank is not so crucial as a link, it is still important today. What has changed is the number of link that is required to achieve increased Page Rank of emphasis to Trust Rank.

Link juice in Google’s eye flows from one site to another because of two things: strength and anchor text. It sounds a bit strange that the keyword links are called anchor text, but that is what it is called. Anchor text (the text itself, which acts as the link) is extremely important in how a site is ranked.

Google’s wants to measure quality and relevancy. Anchor text is a good way to determine what a page was about in terms of relevancy By reading the anchor text of incoming links, Google could then obtain one or a few words that any person found described what the page was about – a neat and simple solution to a very complicated problem. Although computers are getting better at understanding the text, this is still one of the most important ways for Google to determine the content and it is therefore very important for all small business SEO firms to keep track of links and their value.

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