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Email is the most popular and effective form of direct marketing available today. Remember when direct marketing was solely the distribution of catalogues, offers and letters via what we fondly now call snail mail?

Snail mail is costly and environmentally unfriendly. If you are still marketing by posting paper based material then you are crazy. You need to consider the amount of money you are spending and if the returns are exceeding your expenditure by at least 100%.

However, email is fast, cheap and very easy. Where the old fashioned direct mail practices went straight to the post box the email direct marketing goes direct to the email box and your potential customers receive your offers immediately.

Everybody wins with email marketing. Firstly your customers get the chance to fulfill their desires fast. You can include links to your products, website and images. Secondly you will see results faster as there is no time lag that there normally is when using traditional marketing methods so you can expect to see results to your marketing within hours not weeks.

There are many ways to obtain email addresses for email marketing. Here is a list of common ways of obtaining email addresses and the advantages and disadvantages.

1. You can buy email lists – this is fast but costly and you invariably can only use the mailing list once only.

2. You can build your own email lists – this is slow and can be cumbersome. However, it is very cost effective.

3. You can become part of an advertising network that gives you access to email addresses. These are extremely cost effective. You can email direct from the internet so you don’t need to format email addresses and use any special software.

Point 3. is one of the most popular and lucrative methods of email marketing simply due the huge scope you have for reaching new customers. Further to this the advantage of emailing via a specially setup website makes it very easy. You can contact potential customers anywhere, anytime as you don’t need to have any special skills and there is no requirement to setup special software.

Advertising networks are a continuously growing network of people wanting access to new products and services so every time you send an email you are reaching literally thousands and thousands of potential customers.

Point 2. is a wise choice to build a mailing list slowly. Many people use their privately built mailing lists in tandem with the private advertsing network. It increases business marketing potential exponentially.

Utilising email marketing for direct marketing is smart and cheap. It is in this instance cheap is not nasty but smart. It ensures your profit margins increase and your marketing reach is extended beyond anything you would ever be able to reach via traditional marketing methods.

Katherine Quirke is a successful Australian based business entrepreneur with an IT background, has owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Not only does she run her own business but enjoys gardening, cooking and sewing. Find out how you can direct market your business and save money:

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