Why You Should Star in Your Business Marketing Videos

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I read a tweet today on one of my Business Coaches Twitter accounts (yes that’s right, I have a business coach, two actually, it takes more than one man to handle me!) the tweet was from a guy who does voiceover work. He gave the guys a backhanded complement about how cool their video was, but how much better it would be with a professional voiceover, and oh by the way guess what he does? Yup not that hard to guess huh? Voiceover work. He was obviously tweeting for work.

The irony is that the whole point to their videos is to establish repore with their audience, share their knowledge and show their audience that they are real guys with whom they can relate to on a real level and who know what they are talking about. The are not selling, they are offering information and that builds credibility.

If they had gone the “professional” route they may still have done alright, but social media is about relationships. finding out about the person behind the product and the brand. If you establish a relationship on a meaningful level through videos or blogs and articles, that are written in your own voice, things you would actually say…that is where the magic happens.

I’m not saying that my coach was upset, or even made a comment about it (he didn’t) but think of the ways that person could have handled that differently. Had he just stopped at “hey nice video, thank you for the information about social media marketing” Or retweeted if he felt it had value that would have put him on my radar or others who had been watching the conversation. Instead of him being the subject of my “what NOT to do article” he could have been featured as a What TO DO with a link to his site and tweet link. Obviously I’m not going to call him out personally now!

When I first present the idea of NOT selling to a client when it comes to using the Internet to market their business, I’m convinced they totally don’t even hear me say it! The concept is just so completely foreign to them that I think they hear me say something that a Yellowbook sales rep would say to them.

I’ll ask them questions about how people find them online, what questions somebody who knew nothing about them, their product or services would be asking ( or goggling) and would they come up in that search?

The answers vary, but the common ground is they start to talk about their website, how they have optimized the site with their keywords or maybe they talk about their Facebook page or Twitter where they list all their weekly specials to the 20 or so fans and followers. I’m not trying to belittle them, heck it was not that long ago I was in the same boat! Social Media is relatively new and for those who have been using it for awhile are starting to understand and get it, others who are new are making the same rookie mistakes that even I made coming in the door.

So as business make the transition from offline advertising to online marketing, they may have some growing pains. Using Voiceover talent or the prettiest office intern to make the online commercials is just not the way to go.

People appreciate learning new things and will find it refreshing that you are willing to answer the questions they have as only you as an industry leader can provide them.

Break out the Flip Video camera and start answering some FAQ’s and post them to YouTube, your blog and website in YOUR voice. Don’t worry about Mr. Voiceover man…you can always refer him to you competition!

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