Marketing With Video – Google Transcription for YouTube Closed Captioning?

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Marketing with video is one of the most popular and commonly available means of placing your ads in front of millions of viewers.

Internet marketers knowledgeable in search engine optimization practices (SEO) have been leveraging the power of online video sharing sites and video publishing platforms for some time now. This article discusses new accessibility features now available in YouTube closed captioning and audio transcriptions and how these can be used to your benefit.

As Google strives to improve search engine results and launches a beta machine transcription of videos, it is imperative that you become acquainted with these features if you are marketing with video online.

This new beta is available for both Google and YouTube videos. You Tube closed captioning and active transcripts can also be manually uploaded by the video owner.

While this new advance in technology is welcome, it is still in its early stages. The results you can expect greatly depend on the clarity of speech in your video. Suffice to say, you can get far more mileage if you provide YouTube with your own transcript version.

If you are curious about Google transcription capabilities, simply log in to your YouTube account and go to your My Videos page. Select a video to edit. Select edit captions/subtitles from the top navigation menu and download the Google Machine transcription to your computer. Open the file with a text editor such as notepad to study the contents.

Now that Google is starting to transcribe audio, you might consider taking destiny into your own hands and create your active transcripts yourself. These files will be crawled by Google and can present another opportunity to get your message, keywords and website URL across.

In addition you can upload as many language versions of your YouTube video transcription as you like. To easily accomplish this you can use the Google Translate service, once you have one version of your audio transcribed. This can get you content indexed by Google in multiple languages too!

While transcribing video may seem like a boring task, more often than not you will already have your audio transcript at hand. If you need to generate a transcription file you can easily get an MP3 transcription done at a reasonable rate.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all audio transcription services will provide your output in the correct time coded format for YouTube closed captioning. To insert time codes into your video audio transcription, you can either edit the Google machine transcription file, or use an online service.

No matter how you go about it, it is time to consider taking full advantage of YouTube closed captioning and accessibility features and start marketing with video transcripts today!

If you are marketing with video you need to watch this video on Leveraging YouTube SEO Time Coded Transcriptions and Closed Captioning to easily learn to create and upload your own Google transcriptions YouTube closed captioning files today!

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