Need Good Web Hosting? What Not to Do!

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Looking for web hosting? Want to know what NOT to do? Your hosting provider can make or break your blog or small business! They can even steal data if your with the wrong one! So here is my top xx ideas to NOT DO!

1. Always go with a monthly plan! You never know what will happen to a company in a year or even 6 months. Can you say Enron? Always start with month to month hosting — get your toes wet before jumping in!

2. Always back up your own data! NEVER trust your providers backup! In most cases their terms of service (TOS) will have a ton of disclaimers in them — in other words we will back up your data, but if it doesn’t work — don’t blame us! If your site is your livelihood, BACK IT UP YOURSELF! 3 times!!! You might be hacked so back it up!

3. Expecting traffic? Watch out for unlimited plans! They all have limits, they just hide them in the TOS so you cant see them or figure them out — hey do you know how many nodes you use? Pick a plan where they say you rent XX space and XX transfer from use, and as long as its legal — go for it!

4. Who owns your domain? ALWAYS buy your domain yourself! It is OK for your developer or host to be the technical contact, but NEVER the admin or registrant contact. Why? They own it if their name is on it! So better safe than sorry! You can buy using your provider but make sure your contact information is on the domain!

5. Be careful of review sites! The majority of review sites allow hosting companies to pay for the privilege of being one of the top10 providers! So that non-biased review? Its not biased — its bought and paid for! Better yet do a search on any company your interested in using and see what real people are saying. Also look at their knowledge base — are they new and still adding articles? Or do they have nothing there? That’s a real quick way to check!

6. Are they legal? Most companies use cPanel for your interface to the server and WHMCS as a billing/help desk software. Check their licenses out! If they are running an illegal copy of WHMCS, do you really want to host with them?

7. Pricing! If your site is important — remember you get what you pay for! If that plan is.99 cents a month, dont expect a lot. If your paying 10.00 plus, you better get very good service! With that said, remember a 10 dollar a month plan is $120.00 a year — is your business worth it?

7. Last but not least, call and talk to them! See what they are like! There are a lot of small companies if you want personalized service and a lot of big companies if that’s what makes you comfortable.

So i hope you learned some of the big pitfalls to avoid! I have made some of these myself, seen others make some and I hope you have learned not to make them! Have a great day! has a lot of good resources for your hosting. Sasquatch Hosting is a small provider of hosting services.

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